Star Wars Stepping stones to weather control shielding and cover up. Subversion against the American People using national security. Ozone Hole leads to special measures for health and UV control, a national emergency. Introduction:

Part of The Methods, zero-point / scalar energy

Star Wars, Space Shields, UV, and the weather--->Founded on Fluoride.

Hello Chemtrail Interest persons,

Welcome to the DOEWatch Web page. This page is written by the person that invented the DOE's biggest project on remediation for the ozone hole. This report is for enlightenment of the world and is already causing very much interest all around the Internet community. The inventions discussed here came from direct experience at the Oak Ridge National Lab and working the Q-cleared world of DOE's nuclear weapons. This piece is about the origin of the Ozone Hole and the methods in use and being designed to attempt to fix what Man's pollution has done to our weather and our environment.

Jim Phelps is the national lab person that discovered serious issues in terminal event theory of global systems, invented Star Wars weapons, forced the DOE to begin clean up of pollution damaging workers and communities, discovered the air pharmacology techniques [aka chemtrails], and forced the closure of K-25 and other DOE plants. My projects in the DOE and DOD are more classified than the H-bomb. This discussion is likely above the heads of many, but is presented to teach the world of our common problem. My Magnum-Opus greater good projects are about reclaiming heaven from hell, and restoring order from chaos.

Jim Phelps is the inventor of the HAARP project, the discover that the Earth's magnetic field is an MHD generator, the discover of the critical factors of fluoide's on health, the inventor for the titanium method to control fluoride G-proteins, the inventor of the PB method to block G-protein binding sites, the inventor for special formulation for J-8 jet fuels, the inventor of the Ba and Ti chemtrail methods, the inventor of the Star War's Excalibur / Tungusga weapon, and many other critical national security projects. You will be getting a unique look behind some of the most classified, compartmented, and hidden projects in US history. His discoveries are sometimes called zero-point or scalar energy systems.

Jim Phelps' unique knowledge of the ionosphere, knowledge of volcanic sciences, knowledge of the G-protein fluoride effect, and that of how religion interconnected these issues started a second Manhattan type project from his inventions and discoveries to deal with the national emergency he discovered. This discussion will give people a unique look at how the discoveries were made and what is going on now.

Jim Phelps discoveries related to old issues hidden in the Bible about the real issues of Noah and Moses. Jim Phelps invented systems that protect the health of animals and man on a scale that dwarfs what Moses attempted and he used the secrets of the Ark to design weapons and pharmacy methods the Pharos used in olden days. He found how the word pharmacy is closely related to the Pharisees and their mining.

All should easily notice that "Chemtrail" methods are designed to do one thing, conceal. Chemtrails are designed to offset the global warming measurements, so the Govt. can claim global warming does not exist. It really does exist. This expose is written in sections, as it takes about 30 mins. to read. Take your time reading and thinking about this information, as there is a lot to consider. When you get done you'll be all the wiser in the ways of Govt. and the ways of corporate corruption. You'll be better able to protect your health and your children's. Then, take the time to pass this information along to your friends and neighbors, as they will come to thank you for it in time.

You may not think the topic of chemtrails affects your health, but let us see what you say after reading this piece. Keep in mind that in many areas where fluorides pollution is a problem, doctors have been told hands off and to say there is no problem. Hundreds of doctors violate the standards of care for their patients and commit malpractice daily over the cover up of this massive problem. This expose will tell you how and why.

Chemtrails are highly linked to Teller and Star Wars. Many persons find it difficult to imagine how something like Star Wars, the inventor of the hydrogen bomb, and the ozone hole are all connected. Edward Teller started the Star Wars project by essentially lying to Congress to get funding for a "make-work" project for weapons scientists and labs. The Sun, like the hydrogen bomb, is based on nuclear fusion. The ozone hole is even an artifact of pollution linked to strategic materials environmental cover up. We'll explore this below.

There is much use of the word "shield" in the Star Wars Project, but let us not forget there are many other shields related to nuclear defenses. The Sun is a nuclear reactor, that emits all sorts of charged particles, electrons, lots of UV from hydrogen, and lots of hot body white light and IR. We forget that the Earth has multiple shields that protect us from these effects. This is the story of how nature and God shields us from radiation and how the Star Wars project entered into this shielding.

The Earth's magnetic field shields us from charged particles and sets up the Van Allen radiation belts due to the magnetosphere that deflect these ions and electrons around the Earth, with only some hitting the polar regions. The magnetic field shield does not affect the Sun's emissions that are waves. The visible light, UV, and IR come right on past this first shield. On Earth, the electrons getting past the magnetic field make the Northern Lights and ions hit the zone over the South pole. This effect charges up the Earth's potential gradient like a large capacitor with plates being the plasma conductive ionosphere and the Earth's surface. The ions hitting the atmosphere set up some turbulence effects and aid in lofting materials. These ions hit molecules like HF and HCl at the South Pole and make for UV generation from the hydrogen ion effects. The hydrogen is in play in the disruption of the ozone level. It is also in play for conversation radiation from the! Sun's ions and UV.

The Earth's Magnetic field causes the Sun's charged particles to separate into distinct flows, much as how the method called "MHD" or "magneto-hydro-dynamics" works. MHD methods can be used to generate electric power from ions and electrons. MHD methods can take electric currents and produce motion in conductive gases or fluids. The Russians have silent subs that work with MHD methods of propulsion. It is this effect that causes the jet stream's motion. Some of the HAARP experiments will investigate these effects. And HAARP research may also find a way to use this untapped MHD type power from the Sun, and in so doing lower the effects of the weather by reducing the Earth's potential gradient. This research depends on making conductive layers to collect the charge at the North pole and use this for electric power. This was what Tesla envisioned. It is abundant free energy from the Sun, if it can be collected.

The Sun's UV radiation is an ionizing radiation that causes health problems and the next shield to recall is the ionosphere / stratosphere. Here the ionizing radiation forms oxygen ions that combine with oxygen molecules to form ozone. Ozone is a bluish gas that absorbs the UV radiation and attenuates it, protecting animals and plants from UV ionizing radiation damage.

It is here that man is causing some problems with mother nature's well balanced system. The ozone layer is highly reduced by processes that pull hydrogen into this region. Hydrogen is supposed to be rare in the upper atmosphere at only 1 PPM. Elements like fluorine and chlorine tend to support HF and HCl in the ionosphere, which causes disruption of ozone formation by making frozen crystals of water and hydrogen peroxide, which do not attenuate UV. The process in this thin region is one of aerosol particles and gases being driven by UV ionizing radiation.

The principle for lofting of HF and HCl into the atmosphere depends on their mass being close to that of oxygen and nitrogen. Water is dispersed in the lower atmosphere because of this effect, but water tends to freeze out at the cold high altitudes. The freezing point for HF and HCl is much lower than that for water. The freezing point does play a role in the ozone hole showing up more in the arctic spring and summer, as more material gets lifted higher. The ionization also forms OF and OCl, which also suspend well. Because of the mass difference of the chlorine atom, the chlorine compounds tend to wash down faster than fluorine compounds. Freon tends to stay in the air and build due to its' non-reactivity, except at higher levels where UV causes decomposition into HF, HCl, OF, OCl, etc.

The best model for the lofting of these frozen solids in the atmosphere is that for colloid suspensions. We see how fine particles of metals like gold or silver can be suspended in liquids indefinitely. This same effect happens for air and the solids of HF, HCl, etc. Here the material that lofts the most is the mass closest to those of air, the HF and OF have the highest lofting factor in the thinnest atmosphere. This is the transport and suspension model for HF into the ozone layer region.

The HF and HCl that corrupted the ozone layer stems from both natural and man made events. Volcanoes help toss lots of the acids and particles into this region, and man via Freon mistakes added more. Man also adds some due to coal emissions and the formation of large storms, and even nuclear weapons added to the effects. The ionization in the ionosphere and the Earth's magnetic field pulls the ions to the South Pole and the electrons to the North Pole. This is essentially a mini- Van Allen like effect from ions generated by the Sun's UV. This causes a high level of fluorine and chlorine ions at the Southern pole [and thus HF and HCl].

Free hydrogen tends to float right off into space in this region and water can't get there due to freeze out effects. It the process of the fluorine and chlorine effects that allow the hydrogen atoms to increase in the ozone regions. HF tends to float the best because its mass is close to air, and because it absorbs IR radiation causing heat lift.

Scientists at ORNL recognized this problem in the mid 1980's and opted to take a two pronged approach to the problem. The first method was to go after the dominant source term, which was Freon, and eliminate its manufacture. The next significant source term was HF from coal thermal plants and this was tacked via methods called "Air Pharmacology." "Air Pharmacology" is the art of changing equilibrium status of steady state factors in the air and in human health.

In order to compensate for this effect the US has been doing some things to absorb the UV radiation. Man has added some other shields in the form of aerosols made of materials that absorb UV and others that reflect UV and IR. These type projects have taken on the term "chemtrails" in the public venues. Chemtrails come in several forms. The most exposed form is that of aluminum oxide using jet planes to release a near global reflective haze into the air. This exposure comes from Edward Teller's 1997 LLNL paper disclosing the method of particle reflectance to make a global shield and a patent that discloses this being designed in 1990. See LLNL Report Number UCRL-JC- 12875 Titled "Global Warming and Ice Ages" and dated Aug. 1997. For a related technique see Hughes Patent: US5003186 circa 1990, which is connected to Project Cloverleaf. This report contains the information passed to Teller in 1986-87 from ORNL. The next related technique is the use of UV absorbing m! aterials based on titanium dioxide released in the air to replace the ozone filtering. These materials tend to react with HF and HCl and pull it out of air solution due to mass increase effects.

These chemtrail techniques relate to similar military techniques to spy on line of sight microwave communications. The military likes to see what information passes on line of sight phone systems. The method for doing this uses microwave techniques for isolators and use special compounds of barium, titanium, and iron sprayed into the microwave paths. Materials used in microwave guide and strip-line use similar compounds, and this method in the air pathway is similar. This is where the idea came from and its basic principle for operation. This allows the surveillance planes to wire tap the microwave beams and gain information. They can also insert information via this technique, or jam these communication system. This type technique also interferes with things like RADAR return energies and their ranges. It can also be used to create phantom RADAR images.

The US likes to hide its basic research and direction by using "dual- use technologies" and these RADAR techniques are one of the prime examples. These microwave systems techniques are more about how to get funding to do the studies to set up the real chemtrail directions of weather control, precipitation of toxic's in the air and ionosphere.

The tricks to suspend these materials use various methods, from those of nano particles in air, to fine nano-filaments [filaments as fine as spiders webs and down feathers], to that of charging these particles and filaments so as to ride the Earth's potential gradient field and stay aloft longer. All these designed to keep the material in suspension in the air.

The UV sprays use the same techniques to leave a spray of barium and titanium materials in the air. Plain titanium dioxide is an extremely good UV blocker. This brings on the last shield system, on the very surface or Earth and on the most vulnerable UV target organ. The US has arranged for titanium dioxide to be used in things like soap and detergent, which leaves one covered with a film of this material. One can usually see the paint like scum in showers from the sticky titanium dioxide build up, along with calcium. This same film is all over most persons skin and helps shield the skin from UV. One only has to look at all the places titanium dioxide has been incorporated in the last ten years to notice this intentional trend. It was put there to modify the UV damage to skin.

The body is very tolerant of titanium and it is not prone to set off the immune system inflammation response. Titanium is shown to be very useful in dentistry implants because of this effect. This is not so true for aluminum and barium compounds. Even LLNL studies turned down the use of Al in chem spray methods. The combined effects of these compounds with other pollutants can well cause lasting lung and health damage.

Titanium also has one more special use internally. Titanium is also being placed in the food chain, vitamins, deodorant etc. Many times it is included as a colorant. One of the concepts learned in the nuclear weapons toxic metals business was that some metals produced protective effects against other metals. In the bomb making business, one of those effects most studied applied to uranium. Uranium was seen to be able to compete in the body to avoid other metals like beryllium from forming complexes with fluoride. The beryllium-fluoride complex makes it much more dangerous because of the G-protein, Gq/11 process. Check the web pages of Andreas Schuld and "" for excellent collections of research on Gq/11 health effects. The effect is also very bad for aluminum-fluoride.

The protective effect happened when other metals were put into solution in the body or air that compete for the fluoride-metal complex, so that it can reduce the damage factor. The big three metal dangers in Oak Ridge are aluminum, beryllium, and mercury; each forming G-protein like signals in the body. One of the best choices for this technique was titanium. Titanium in the stomach, gut, and blood stream offset the formation of more dangerous metal complexes in the body itself.

The titanium effect is a spin off of a 5,000 year old Egyptian technique using gold for the same purposes. It is mentioned in the Bible as a method used to combat the effects of the Mt. Sinai volcano, where Moses and the Jews took refuge. Gold was used internally to wick the fluoride and mercury from persons and excrete it. Both colloidal gold and silver in use today by alternative medicine work via the same technique. Titanium was an inexpensive and abundant metal with similar properties against fluoride. When we found the G-protein fluoride-metal complex, we also found the way these special metals help human health.

Mothers take heed of this bit of knowledge on metal complexes with fluorides. Don't give your kids cumulative effect rat poison or bug killer, which what fluorides become in the body. Throw away the aluminum-oxide and fluoride tooth pastes and your children will come to thank you for this in time. This will make for your kids more normal mental and physical development. There are lots of alternative toothpaste companies. Folks also need to toss the aluminum based baking powders, these are not good either as they enter aluminum into the body.

Folks need to also toss out the antiperspirants with aluminum and the anti-acid pills with aluminum. One can even find EDTA in new deodorants, which helps remove the years of aluminum in the skin of women that contributes to breast cancer. Toss out the Teflon cookware as they emit toxic's that poison the immune system. One might also take note of a new Teflon on the market called "Excalibur," which is made with titanium. This is one of the techniques of my invention and a Star Wars technology. These same type issues influence the choice of chemtrail metals.

For those of you that don't know, EDTA is a metal chelator that removes toxic metals from the body. It is a strong part of Chiropractic medicine. Once one knows about the dangerous fluoride-metal complex effects on G-protein one then has the proof this technique works. The AMA likes to say this is quackery to keep their cash cow running. It can easily be shown that EDTA methods work and that doctors that fail to recognize this process are committing malpractice. The truth is fluorides-metals complex do the health damage to persons the AMA then treats with pharmacy methods that control G-protein channels. The better way is to keep the body clean, so these other methods are not needed. This idea is what forced the DOE into clean up of polluted nuke sites and the closure of fluorine chemical plants like K-25.

I invented the titanium technique, which essentially blocks the onset of fluorosis due to fluoride in the food and water chain. The technique prevents destructive fluoride-metal complexes from forming and keeps the dangerous G-protein binding sites from being blocked. These get blocked in the long term due to the fluorine atom's high eletronegativity. This has the capacity to help countries like China, India, and the East African Rift zone avoid the crippling effects of fluorides and also to turn the tide against HIV infection rates.

The titanium technique applied across the US helps to stabilize the rates of HIV transmission in the US. This information is being made public in an effort to address these countries health problems, while avoiding the greed of US pharmacology Cabala's. The US has failed to help these countries by public release of the information due to classification of the problem and its cure as national security related. The G-protein sites of cells are highly used in 60 percent of pharmacological medicine, and it is this basis that gave "air pharmacology" its name. It is this effect that also causes the fluoride- metal complexes to have so much damage potential. The main symbol for medicine is the "Caduceus," or intertwined snakes, which is about one toxin counteracting another. This is what the G-protein pharmacology is all about. My idea looked at the air pathway for the toxic's, and then placed a counter emission into the same air pathway. This came from looking at how! the nuclear plant's emissions often offset another more toxic effect.

The titanium dioxide technique is also used around nuke weapons labs with Sr-90 contamination, as this bounds up the isotope and made it less soluble in the environment and kept it from spreading. The art of synergism effects had been around for a long time. Titanium dioxide is also the main ingredient in paint and this eliminated lead based paints. The UV factors for titanium, its tolerance in the body, and its ability to compete for the fluoride-metal complex in the body made it a good choice for controlling the fluoride dangers in the world.

Oddly enough all these research issues began because scientist John Anderson at the K-25 plant complained about Sr-90 getting into the plant drinking water. We went in looking for why thyroid problems were so high and the workers so sick, and we found many things. ORNL found K- 25 to be a very seriously mentally and physically damaged work force due to constant HF leaks into the air. The group heading for air pharmacology, the weather control, and other fluoride effects was often called only the "Sr-90 problems / project," in public circles.

The problem with volcanoes making poison gases like HF had an uncanny resemblance to the main problem with reactors, the fission gases like Krypton that decays to Sr-90. So, the Sr-90 nickname stuck. The secret spin language that helped conceal the science is called krypto.

The massive deployments of the titanium techniques to mediate fluoride toxic effects demonstrates human experimentation on a global scale and the desperation of the corrupted fluoride industries to cover up the health harm they have caused the entire planet.

Today, my titanium air pharmacology invention keeps the cattle of the US from getting things like "Mad Cow" syndrome from the fallout of fluorides onto grass. Titanium is distributed widely in the air of the US by spraying. It was Will Thomas that dubbed this practice "chemtrails." The problems with cows and fluorides is not well controlled as IGF-1 in cow's milk is a significant risk for cancer and is promoted directly by fluoride exposure.

Now that we are well into the chemtrails issues, it is time to take a look at the weather related aspect more closely. Most people look at the weather, but few know how it is truly affected by man's influence on environment. We were able to study many of these effects from the weapon's plants influences in Oak Ridge in the 80's. Oak Ridge has problems with many 100 year storms happening over the span of a few years, and it was due to the weapons plants influence on the weather.

Many people see some important weather concepts as they fly on planes, but they don't recognize them. When one flies over the Pacific on calm days and approaches the Hawaiian Islands, one can see the effects of the potential gradient and a potential well effect. The high islands short out the potential gradient in the laminar Pacific's moist air and this pulls charged water to form clouds around each tall island. The islands make their own weather. The prevailing winds usually mean one side of the island is wet and the other dry. As the evaporation builds each day, it usually rains in the late afternoons due to drops condensing and saturation effect.

We also see the same effects around big cities and one of the best examples is Atlanta International. Here the city's aerosol and chemical pollutants set up heating of the low altitude air and rising thermals that move charge from the lower altitudes and carry them higher----much as a tall volcano in the Pacific causes clouds and rains. These rising thermals in the polluted South cause so much redistribution of charge that lightning occurs and as the thermals build they reach extreme heights in the atmosphere, often forming hail. This is anther example of a potential well being formed and making storms due to man's effects.

This is where lots of work is being done in terms of changing man's effects on the weather and damage from storm intensities. The knowledge of the Earth's potential gradient shows us how this charge effect sets up the collection methods that form storms. It also shows us that if we can lower this potential gradient we can lower the number of storms and the severity of the ones that do form. The method to change the potential gradient is to make the air more conductive and this is done using the photoelectric effect from metals. Barium is one such metal with a low work function that will emit electrons into the air and make conductive ion effects in the lower atmosphere. This effect lowers the potential gradient. The idea for this method came from how photomultiplier tubes first cathodes work with light. In air there is lots of electron recombination, but with lots of light still a current that discharges the potential gradient.

This technique supplements other methods used to modify weather. Cloud seeding using hygroscopic materials and even dry ice has been used to induce clouds to rain. In atmospheric nuclear testing, we induced both a potential well effect and the ionization of the air that shorted out the potential gradient and made for rain after many of the test shots. This was especially seen in the Pacific test shots for the hydrogen bomb. These are the effects that connect Teller, the hydrogen bomb, and Star Wars to these effects of weather modification. Hydrogen bombs can contribute effects toward global cooling, i.e., the nuclear winter effect. This gets into ozone layer effects as well.

Interesting to note that the issue of nuclear winter from particles in the atmosphere is the same effect of reflective particles induced in the atmosphere from jet flying around the globe to affect global warming. It was all these basic principles of atmospheric science that were used at ORNL in the 80's to predict these effects and come up with ways to mediate these effects. These are my basic conceptual ideas coming to fruition.

There is one very serious flaw that the national labs are exploiting. Most of the data that justifies the UV-b damage to health comes from mouse experiments. Mice have a serious systemic problem with fluorides damage to their immune system tolerance. This means they don't respond properly in repairing DNA damage to ionizing radiation, nor with the immune system detection and eradication of cancers. Ignoring this systemic issue with mice, that is showing up clearly with a Wake Forest line of mice with proper immune cancer resistance, is leading us down a wrong pathway. The issues with UV-b triggering cancers is more one of fluorides in the environment affecting immune system tolerance and performance. The health problems connected to the ozone hole is more one with humans affected by fluoride, as well as in the upper atmosphere.

The data says that we need to go after source terms for fluoride in the food chain, if we are to correct these problems. Unfortunately, all these special chemtrail methods were designed to conceal this effect on health. Ionizing radiation and UV radiation are similar to fluoride- metal effects in suppression of the antigen presentation process. The effects are additive. However, since the fluoride is the root cause for both it make sense to control the source terms for fluorides into the air and food chain.

A classic example of the problems with rodents can be seen with the Black Plague or Bubonic Plague in Europe due to the bacterium called Yersinia pestis. It caused black boil's over the lymph nodes of the arm pits, etc. Hence, the name black plague. Plague hit Europe from 164- 180, 541-542, 1350-90, 1575 in Italy, and 1665 in London. These are all associated with volcanic explosions that altered the Earth's climate. The worst appears to be the explosion of 535 AD of the Krakatoa volcano on Rakata Island in Indonesia. Its' explosion was estimated to be the force of 2 billion Hiroshima bombs. It caused massive weather effects.

The Black Plague of 541-542 started with a massive volcanic detonation in the South Pacific. It blotted out the Sun for weeks. This depressed the Earth's temperatures by 10 degrees for 10 years from all the atmospheric effects similar to a nuclear winter. The stories sounded like it rained for forty days and nights and the story of Noah's Ark came to mind and the Mt. Ararat volcano. This event triggered Europe's Dark Age. This also set off a huge reproduction boom in the rodents of Europe. This same reproduction boom effect can be seen in humans from many East African countries due to the toxic effects from the Rift zone. The effect destroyed populations and appears to have started the Islamic religion.

There was also one of the volcanic events in 43 BC, which appears to have influenced the thinking and ideas of Mary and Jesus. I had a keen interest in volcanoes and have been on the largest ones in the US mainland, the Caribbean, and Hawaii. This is how I noticed the bible codes using Noah's Ark. The secrets of the Ark involve fluoride health effects from volcanoes and how these have been used as early weapons for chemical warfare. The mists that Moses used to set the Jews free from Pharos used alchemical methods to make fluoride gases in air. These became a national security problem for Pharoses. These were highly guarded secrets in their time, hidden with secret Icons. They still are today, except in DOE national security circles.

Do notice how American religions keep so many in the dark about the religious significance of what is happening today.

The East African Rift zone was the source of the Black Plague bacteria, which migrated North as the Northern rodent's immune systems were damaged by all the HF and metals fallout from the volcano's world wide effects. The Chinese Gobi Desert also appears to have sourced the plague, bought by ship to Europe.

The volcanic pollutants entered the rodent food chain, through things like the bones they chew that concentrate the fluorides and metals. The rodents with damaged immune systems in Europe then became the breeding ground for the bacteria, just like regions in the African Rift zone. The problem is not so severe in Africa because the temperature suppresses the growth of the bacteria in fleas. The pathway to man is broken by the temperature.

With lower temperature, flea's bites established the pathway into humans across Europe. Human's immunity was also damaged from the volcanic HF effects and the metals present in large cities in Europe. It was partly driven by the issue that the bacteria did well in the flea's digestion path at lower temperatures due to the nuclear winter effects of the volcano. The net result was a volcanic trigger set off the Black Plagues due to the immune damage to both rodents and man. This is the main example that set off the Noah's Ark explanation from volcano effects.

There is a simple rule on this planet that says if the animals get polluted, the immune damage effects will come to affect the health of man. This is the story of Noah's Ark and its icon symbolism. It also appears to have started Islam. We see the Noah effect happen with the flu coming from chickens or pigs in China each year. We are even seeing the effect coming to the US from Africa in case of West Nile Virus.

Here the problem is the titanium techniques cannot be vectored into bird populations as well as into grass eating animals. The HF pollutants from coal burning damage the bird's immunity and the chemtrail techniques don't work well. The West Nile Virus can infect a certain number of humans and animals with weak immunity from the G- protein damages to immune cells. Those with severe immune damage will die.

The methods and techniques for chemtrails are ripe for abuse by the Mil / Ind Network. Chemtrails titanium method provides a strategic advantage against other countries that don't have this technology. It can be used to protect the persons of the US and other chemtrail countries and pathogens like SARS or others can be allowed to ravage the health of the countries kept in the dark. Places like China and India do not know the chemtrail technologies and illnesses like SARS can be used to de-populate these countries. All the citizens of the US are going to have to become guardians between Heaven and Hell to insure these exploitations are not allowed to happen for the vast profits for the Bush and pharmacy empire.

The issues of climate change effects on human health due to pollutants is a simple reality from volcanic effects. It is a key element in many religions. The national labs have known this was the main problem since the mid-80's, and that it directly links to rising cancers of all types, as well as to the HIV epidemic. They have intentionally suppressed this information so as to prompt these lies to sustain more weapons work for the corrupted national labs. This is little different from the lies Teller told on Star Wars beam systems being able to target ballistic missiles with their well known impossibilities with x- ray optical focus downrange and predictive delay issues for a dithered flight path.

A key part of the HAARP project is to avert other volcanic disasters of this magnitude that set off world plagues. One has to understand the effects to understand the mission for HAARP.

Star Wars is about X-ray and IR LASER's and how to use these from space platforms as a defense shield from missiles. The IR LASER's were HF chemical based and the X-ray versions used hydrogen. These systems have problems in the Earth's atmosphere due to absorption and these studies helped define some of the ozone hole effects. Star Wars is becoming closer to reality, if an orbiting ring of stations can be deployed at lower orbits.

This problem with the Govt. supporting lies has moved all the way into the White House with the lies told on the Iraq WMD issues. It has to do fully with the issues of these project's "End-Time" themes. The White House has become extremely aggressive, while leaving the door wide open for 911 to happen. This intentionally set up the stage to go into these Middle East and to get involved into the long issues of Palestine and Israel. In dealing with these effects, the born again Christian influences are even exploiting the words of the Bible and using misinformation on these simple themes. The White House has lost the issue of separation of church and state, part from the DOE science discoveries and part from Israel bias. The US is becoming more like the UK, where church and state are one. Empire based. Oak Ridge and the Manhattan nuclear projects long ago cracked the central messages of religion. Even to the point of knowing exactly what influences the end-time ! revelations prophecies. It is these issues that the White House is exploiting to enrich its Mil. / Ind. Network linked industries, while burying the real problems connected with fluoride health effects. The White House's basic direction is toward massive health effects and thinning the world population, while making pharmaceuticals and doctors rich in the process. The ideals for the GOP have become aligned with deception and those linked to dishonest practices.

We find ourselves the a crisis to which Eisenhower warned about the Mil. / Ind. Network's power as he left office in the 60's. It was this corrupt power that resulted in the death of JFK, and the same one that holds the US and the world in its ugly grip today. Books like "The Imperial Presidency" by Arthur Schlesinger points out how the office of president is become more the CEO for corporation interests than one for the rights of the people. The secrecy system is one that gives presidents this power to corrupt.

If the US is to prosper, it must return the element of truth to its leadership. If the US persists in lying to its citizens and the world, this will produce a response that all the world can no longer support the US's leadership or position. China and Russia are already becoming cautious of the US and beefing up their weapons systems.

I would ask that each of your that read this expose on Star Wars, Space Shields, UV, and the weather to become more aware of these factors then go teach others of the problems. Then work together with your fellow citizens and the citizens of the world to change these highly dangerous problems into better outcomes. These matters are far to dangerous and important to allow just the special few to manage them. To withhold this information is one in the same with denying persons their religious freedoms, as they do link to those of revelations.

It is only wise that all the citizens become aware of these secret projects happening right over everyone's head, and demand that the Govt. be made Accountable to the people. Heads-up people, the message is clear that we all need to get involved. The evil that we see today can only flourish when good people remain silent.

Sincerely, Jim Phelps, Oak Ridge whistleblower

================== Part i DOE's chemtrails ======================

"Chemtrails" and the DOE, a study on environment and health synergism.

Various persons have requested that I write up a simple explanation about DOE's "Chemtrials."

Chemtrails are hard to explain, but put simply, chemtrails exploit synergistic effects involving environment and health. Chemtrails are real, and so is the degree of environmental and health harm that chemtrials are intended to mediate.

The DOE and science were discovering many synergistic effects in the 80's, when the ideas for chemtrails came into play. In Oak Ridge, we were looking at toxic emissions from weapons plants and looking at cyanide mining techniques that made uranium soluble and removed it by dispersion. There was a very similar effect in the health domain with the Vit. B-17, or laetrile effect. In Oak Ridge we had workers whose lungs and bodies were loaded with metals, which needed to be removed. One of the experimental techniques to change this was to use synergistic cyanide emission from the local waste air release stacks. These techniques became called "air pharmacology."

The issues of air pharmacology were highly driven by the issues of one metals release being protective against another. Here the main issue was that of metals complexing with fluorides in the body. Many studies were done on the protective effects of uranium. Here the basic issue is that uranium could compete against metals like beryllium and aluminum and get a compound that caused less damage via G-proteins. This gave the clues to look for other safer metals that could be put into the food chain to compete against more dangerous fluoride-metal complexes in the environment. The best one was titanium. Titanium in the stomach, gut, blood, and lungs could compete with other metals to complex with fluoride and lessen the damage factor. It also helped in the air via landing on the ground and converting fluoride into a lesser danger. It was also protective against UV-b, so there were lots of positive synergism's for its choice.

It was thinking along these lines that lead to DOE sponsored chemtrails, which is now reported as research on reflective particles by Edward Teller of LLNL. The spin that Oak Ridge put into this was to also experiment with chemtrials to modify human health. Another prime example is the cyanide / laetrile like emissions from the local K-25 TSCA [Toxic Substance Control Act, circa 1982] incineration process to affect the workers and local communities. Chemtrails ultimate ambitions are about human health, UV-b reduction, and removing HF from the atmosphere.

The Oak Ridge K-25 TSCA incinerator burned "acetyl nitrile" by the train car load to test the CN- ligand method to remove metals from the nervous system. "Acetyl nitrile" is the alternative name for "methyl cyanide," which will vector toward the nervous system just like methyl alcohol. The vectored CN- radical would then tend to remove metals from the nervous system before they had a chance to interact with fluoride or other processes. Keep in mind that the Nazi's used Zyklon-b, which was HCN in the death camps, which made plant workers very weary of what was going on. This was the first of the air pharmacology experiments and they were done on the bomb plant workers.

The K-25 TSCA air pharmacology idea used "co-emission" to follow the same air pathway into persons. This idea was quickly extended to jet engine effects, since NASA was saying in the 1970's that high altitude jet exhausts of black carbon and CO2 was affecting the green house effects. So, we quickly applied the "co-emission" technique to jet planes. Here a fuel additive similar to the lead additive in gasoline would carry a metal that would form a white oxide in the engine burn and correct for the black soot from jet fuels burning. This was the birth of the co-emission [now called chemtrail] idea using jets as global spray cans to offset global warming.

The idea for using aluminum came from the very common practice of using aluminum in public water treatment plants to precipitate contaminates. This same basic idea was then applied to the air and water in the atmosphere. It helped that aluminum compounds burned in air would make a bright white oxide. Basically, in every city with a water treatment plant is the exact same mechanism used in the atmosphere to clean it of acids and pollutants. The Al seeds form a chemically hygroscopic material, while pulling sulfuric acid from the air. This forms aluminum sulfate, or alum, from the reaction in air. The basic single white particles of aluminum oxide idea was about "Rayleigh" type scattering changing to "Mie" scattering with moisture collection. One look at the "getter" material used in vacuum tubes found that barium could be converted by jet fuels burning into barium oxide. Barium oxide absorbs humidity and would gather moisture mass from the air. It was a cloud s! eeding technique and the added mass of the particle would change the scattering to "Mie" type scattering and have the same reflective characteristics as white clouds. This effect would greatly offset global warming. Mie scattering is highly directional and reflects the Sun's energy back into space. Putting such a lite weight system on commercial jet's flying around the globe could well be used to offset the global warming from rising jet effects, CO2, methane, etc. "Dual use" techniques could be used to hide the purpose of the system on the planes. This was the original conceptual idea for what is now called the chemtrail invention. It happened in 1986-87 at ORNL.

Oak Ridge was the site of some very early chemtrail experiments due to their extreme fluorides and particle problems. One experiment dumped a white clumpy powder into the air, which tended to accumulate air fungus / mold that discolored and ruined roofs in the region. After heavy rains a white clumping powder could be seen near gutter drains. This was about UV reduction on plants and animals using titanium dioxide and other compounds, and changing the fluoride toxic effects. This effect essentially was put into many soaps to set up a film on persons skin to attenuate UV.

In the mid-1980's, the Oak Ridge DOE plant operators and ORNL had found massive health problems linked to hydrogen fluoride emissions from its' plants and coal power providers that was causing problems ranging from health damage to changing the local weather effects. The study of the Oak Ridge DOE and TVA system showed this was becoming a national effect. This is how the major DOE chemtrail operations came into being.

We've all heard about the green house gas effects from CO2 [CO2 and others absorb infrared energy] in the atmosphere contribute to global warming, but there are some other effects. The bigger problem with CO2 is not so much the direct source effects from combustion process, but it is more UV-b emissions are killing off the ocean's surface plankton conversion of CO2 and this is making the CO2 levels soar. UV seriously affects plant life.

The UV-b part of the equation is driven by fluoride and chlorine in the upper atmosphere, where ozone is formed from the Sun's ionizing radiation. Here hydrogen from free chlorine reduces the ozone concentrations and allows more of the Sun's UV-b radiation to pass. Chlorine has a short environmental half time in the atmosphere compared to fluoride, which has a half life of some 200 plus years. Fluorine's electronegativity is what makes Freon so non-reactive. So, the problem is fluorine tends to do more damage and they want to pull the HF out of the atmosphere using chemtrails. There are always multiple synergism's in play for all chemtrail techniques.

Halogen element ions in the upper atmosphere tend to collect at the South Pole due to the ionization and the Earth's magnetic field effects. The other end of this effect is the Northern Lights, where the similar ionized sheets of free electrons from magnetosphere ionize the upper atmosphere air into curtains of light. Thus, the ozone hole is around the Southern pole due to the halogen ion concentrations. HF also has another nasty problem in that the Sun's radiation also stimulates it to emit UV-b radiation. HF also absorbs IR, like CO2, which helps its lofting. The Southern pole region is affected by both less UV-b filtering and direct generation of UV-b conversion radiation in our atmosphere. There is much ionosphere turbulence here.

Getting back to DOE plant issues, the local emissions of acids and particles from DOE plants and TVA coal plants make for a smog process that differentially heats the low altitude air due to making it more opaque. This effect stores thermal energy in the air as the temperature rises. When the jet stream forces cooler air over this hot air it makes for more highly damaging weather fronts and tornadoes.

One way to mediate this weather damage effect is to use jet planes as giant spray cans to paint the sky with aluminum oxide particles to reflect a few percent of the Sun's energy back into space. The aluminum also tends to form with the HF and other acids in the atmosphere to precipitate them and get them out of the air. This effect cuts the damages from storms, but it has some downsides.

The downside on this particular chemtrial method is that is contributes aluminum-fluoride compounds into the air that get into lungs, water, and food. So, there is a trade off to be made in reducing the storm harm and setting up factors that can induce health effects in global populations. In many ways it is human experimentation on a global scale, sponsored by the DOE and the US Govt. Al-F has a dangerous synergistic effect on thyroid hormones and cells due to the G-protein / Gq/11 effect. Experiments using EDTA chelation of aluminum and mercury often show these effects. I suggested the end for aluminum in deodorants to stop breast cancers and the inclusion of EDTA in deodorant to remove the existing aluminum.

This is the main reason the DOE hides what it is doing behind the net equivalent of a Star Wars type national security classification. It hides these mediation experiments due to reactions that environmentalists will sponsor and because it will force changes in power generation and health, even religion. It is all about money and profits for mostly GOP related businesses. The use of national security for this cover-up runs all through the DOE and clear to the White House.

The other parts of chemtrails to consider are the compounds designed to influence human health. Human health is in trouble in the US due to multiple pollutants that tend to set up the Th-2 cytokine profile in the long term and hasten pathogen-linked illnesses. Examples of this happening are seen in the Gulf War I health effects, the health effects of DOE gas diffusion cold war workers, CFS / MCS affected persons, and even HIV.

Chemtrail techniques use the highly fluorine reactive calcium valence barium seeded into the atmosphere to react with HF and other acids in air and remove it from suspension due to the added mass of Ba. Barium does not have the high G-protein factors connected to thyroid, as does aluminum. It is the next generation method, past aluminum techniques.

Other chemtrail experiments use virus and bacteria seeded into the air to induce more beneficial cytokine effects in populations. These are the parts Oak Ridge added to the basic Teller chemtrail ideas. Experiments involving these factors are where the DOE rents DOD Air Force tankers and sprays large areas and sometimes globs are seen raining down or red blood cells are found in the air. Cliff Carnicom and others are good about reporting these types of things. Carnicom's need Pentagon Whistleblower is right on target with the insider admissions on chemtrails and the total deceit and treachery in the Govt. today. This is literally the rise of the anti-Christ in action. The DOE's Star Wars [since Teller started Star Wars and the open reporting of particle effects] like dreaming does not end here, as the HAARP system is part of looking at what to do with the upper atmosphere fluoride problems and how to remove them. HAARP is an exper! iment to test heating of the upper ionized layers of the atmosphere to promote changing the retention time of some of these destructive materials in the cold upper ionized aerosol and gas atmosphere. Temperature is a catalyst for chemical reactions that they want to promote reactions to lessen the UV-b effects. Some of the experiments will affect radio wave propagation via reflection or transmission via manipulation of the plasma density.

HAARP also can double as a way to communicate with nuclear submarines using ULF radio techniques on the ionosphere. It is a PWM frequency agile system. This is an example of "dual-use" or "multiple-use" technology used to conceal the real intent. This same dual-use issue is using in many of the barium experiments to conceal the real directions of the research. These methods are used to get money from Congress to work on the real mission and not disclose the massive problem. The HAARP system is basically a powerful PWM VHF transmitter and antenna array located in Alaska. HAARP has the power to heat the upper atmosphere plasma layers and change their density and modulate the Earth's potential gradient. The HAARP effect on the local gradient can alter the jet stream and modify the weather.

HAARP's main experiment is to look at inducing mechanical standing wave patterns in the Earth's crust. These low frequency, 2-5 Hz, waves are similar to the natural resonance ones felt in earthquakes. HAARP tunes to these natural resonant frequencies and induces them in the crust under the antennas. HAARP modulates the potential gradient and acts much like how an electrostatic speaker works in this mode. HAARP is intended to use the potential gradient to induce physical motion of the Earth's crust at these wavelengths and harmonics thereof to work the tectonic fault areas mechanically. The idea is these standing wave patterns can be made to remove the forces that cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions via triggering many lesser magnitude ones. This being a way to do damage control from global warming and its expansion effects on the tectonic plate movements. This keeps things like new black plagues from happening. It is one of the ways to mediate the End- Time! s effects. HAARP has direct connection to Noah's Ark volcanic effects.

While working for Oak Ridge in the national security arena my inventions were the methods of air pharmacology, aka air pharmacology chemtrails, and the HAARP system. One of the interesting things is you often get to name the systems as you provide the conceptual ideas and the catchy names that go along with them. I was also involved in the "Dark-Star" and "Excalibur" names, both with some Star Wars connectivity. The Dark-Star idea came from my work on hot cell microwave linked robotic systems and that for Excalibur from my high energy physics work in Fusion Energy. This is where the ideas for barium-titanium-ferrite chemtrails to tap microwaves paths originated. HAARP's naming was intended to have connection to religion [angels, harps, heaven] and many of the nuclear national security projects do have this link. HAARP is a very low frequency sound / force effect from the heavens, to mitigate harm from volcanoes and earthquakes. The plants code names in Oak Ridg! e even have religion linked origins. My inventions were so advanced they exceeded the common knowledge of the planet and were sometimes termed extraterrestrial information, and was kept uncommon by using classification for cover-up. In reality, learning how the Sun's shielding works on Earth leads one down the pathways of the science presented in biblical predictions.

The most interesting feature of the Oak Ridge fluoride investigation was how much things began to resembled the biblical revelations. It became the science that predicted the issues of massive health plagues, huge storms, fish dying in the seas, and even the rise of the oceans. We even began to see the method of communication used with biblical icons, like the Virgin Mary, where the snake symbol represents toxic's from within the Earth. We then began to connect how the geologic subsidence effects in regions like Sodom affected the health of this region and how this was similar to the East African Rift Zone health effects. The old cultures were much more scientifically advanced than we have given them credit for being. They appear to have left a message to save the planet. Even the age old caduceus medicine symbol spoke to the snake symbolism of balancing one toxin effect with another.

It was a time in Oak Ridge where science literally collided with the biblical revelations. Unfortunately, this caused even more intention on the part of even organized religion to cover up these science issues that would make organized religion less of an attraction. It is a very sad thing when religion and Govt. team up to keep much needed knowledge from the people and allow them much harm in the process, all in the interest of reaping profit from deception. Perhaps this was what our founding fathers for the country have foreseen, but now that atmospheric science has collided with religion's prophecies we must reaffirm this.

It is these many cover ups and the illegal uses of classification that have lead me to become a Whistleblower against the DOE and the US Govt. about these projects and how you can read about this today.

============== Part ii Weather Control ===================

DOE's/DOD's Chemtrail's and the Barium synergism's---radiation conversion.

The most obvious news before the public regarding chemtrail's is the use of barium. Barium is used because its complex synergism's are believed an improvement over the simple aluminum oxide technique. The case for barium is a question of serendipity or positive synergistic effects. Lets explore these for greater understanding. Barium is useful in ionization studies via high temperature ionization and photo- ionization, see NASA patent: US3813875

The US, its agencies, and its industries are in deep trouble for ignoring all the warning signs for the dangers connected with fluoride in the environment. This has prompted several presidents to sign "national emergency" orders that allow all kinds of secret environmental and human experiments to occur. This is still a fraud, as the design of this process was to conceal and allow harm to the people of the US and the world. This goes against the "greater good" aspects for "national security."

Barium-titanium is interesting in that is often used as the UV absorber in everything from eyeglasses to skin and suntan lotions. The property for barium that allows it to do this is its low photo work function of only 2.7 eV compared to aluminum's 4.3 eV. Barium absorbs the dangerous UV waves and ionizes, then re-emits the energy into the harmless visible spectrum.

This effect is helpful in the atmosphere as it absorbs the high levels of UV emissions from the global warming related pollution effects on our atmosphere. The aluminum-oxide technique puts on a reflective layer that reflects a few percent of the Sun's energy reducing global warming, and the barium-titanium technique puts in a UV filtering system.

The barium in the atmosphere is ionized by the light / UV radiation and actually sets up a more conductive layer in the atmosphere from the free ion and electron process. This does several things. The first thing it does is short out the Earth's potential gradient, which is about 800 - 1,000 volts per meter under normal conditions near the ground. The voltage gradient is what keeps small particles suspended for long periods of time. Shorting out this field or reducing it reduces the suspension time of air particles.

This barium ionization effect also causes the rapid formation of rain due to these same type effects and this process also helps to wash out problems of acid components and particles in the air. This keeps it from reaching the upper atmosphere and causing ozone reduction or ionization and reemission of UV-b. All these serendipitous things are what the barium effect is all about, positive synergism's. The DOE's other rain making efforts used short lived isotopes sprayed into the air to induce the conduction air ion effects and this pulled moisture into regions and produced rain. The barium technique uses the Sun's radiation to get the net same result without isotopes. It is essentially akin to an effect called radiolysis.

The barium technique is also being used in the upper layers of the atmosphere to both interact with the acids there converting them to solids / particles and to short out the Earth's potential gradient there to allow them to fall faster from these regions. The barium technique is also useful for systems connected to "meteor-burst" communications. These systems use the ion trails from small meteors falling into the atmosphere to reflect RF communications. I worked on systems for FEMA-ROG and SAC that use these "meteor burst" communications systems to report nationwide radiation levels and other telemetry in case of the big nuclear war. In case of a nuclear war the ionization levels in the upper atmosphere would make the communication almost continuous. These systems were designed "radiation hardened" and battery backed and to be some of the only communications working in the event of a large nuke war. Barium is a method that also helps the ionization along.

FEMA's ROG is the top secret end of FEMA and they run things like the "Weather Station" near Berryville, Va. The old weather station or Mt. Weather now sits on top of The Eisenhower Nuclear Bunker built just under it. I was often down at the weather station in working on the meteor bounce system and kept an active link between ORNL and Mt. Weather for some time to test things out. I knew persons like Carl Siebetret and others. This connects one to the big time spook land for the weapons cabala. The Mt. Weather connotation is often connected to top secret experiments and is even tied to some nuclear testing "weather experiments" at the White Sands Missile Range in 1947. The White Sands Range also supplied V-2's to measure the UV in the upper atmosphere.

The problem in the upper atmosphere is that of UV-b filtering and generation. Just like the UV-b that gets to the lower elevations where the barium is used, there is ionization from the UV-b and wavelength shifting to the safe visible spectrum. This same effect happens in the upper atmosphere with the high levels of fluorine there, except the Sun's radiation is absorbed by hydrogen fluoride, OF, etc. and wavelength shifted to UV-b emission ranges. The chlorine effects damage the ozone concentrations allowing more of both the Sun's UV-b and the radiation conversion emissions to reach the ground.

The problems in the upper atmosphere is often that these things are very cold and non-reactive and held there via electric field effects. It is here that fluorine compounds have 200-year half-life retention times. In effect, fluorine compounds are cumulative and rising in this zone. So, special things are being done to change what causes these long retention or suspension times. It has to be done to reduce the UV- b damage that drives the bulk of the problems making for CO2 rising from destruction of the ocean's surface plankton. This is the key to global warming. Adding the right catalytic compounds change the steady state systems in the upper ozone region.

Another of the special things is a system called HAARP, which is essentially a big RF heater for the upper atmosphere ions or plasma. HAARP provides the heat that is the catalyst to cause reactions with other materials. When barium is injected the acids combine with the barium and tend to precipitate like forming rain. The mass of Barium is important in pulling the materials down. The electric fields are shorted out and they tend to loose that suspension effect and the fall from these regions begins. It is accelerated as HAARP can actually modulate these upper layers and shake things loose. This much like how coal plant precipitators work when the voltage is turned off and the residues knocked loose from the collection plates. The idea is to change one plate of a big capacitor around the Earth.

These are some of the special things being done to correct the pollutant problems in our atmosphere and I was the one that invented these techniques and provided the conceptualization ideas. This was done at ORNL in the mid-1980's, along with the issues on the fluoride linked AID's crisis driving factors.

One should not see these methods as pure benevolent intent, as the Govt. is acting in ways that should only be called Racketeering, when the whole process is revealed. The Govt. is using national security and classification to hide extremely serious harm factors it has allowed to happen to its citizens and to the world. The total equation on the fluoride harm is not only linked to melting our polar ice caps, but it is the root of global health plaques due to endocrine and immune disruption. Fluorides relate directly to the huge rates of HIV transmission, the rising global plague issues, rising rates of CFS, rising rates of all immune linked illness, and even down to the process of aging.

The cover up of these things has no benevolent purpose except to enrich those that caused this extreme damage in the first place. The fingerprints of the murderers are those of the Mil. / Ind. Network linked operators. The bulk of the cover ups stem directly from the need for fluorine in the Manhattan Project and in the production of strategic metals like aluminum. Directly, because of classification and national security, this huge mess was allowed to occur. Now, it is literally threatening the health, longevity, and life of every person on this planet.

The damage factors are so great that they are those presented in the revelations of the Bible. All the factors are present from those of fish dying in the oceans, great plagues upon the planet, polar ice melting, oceans due to rise. This is what is driving the big cover up on chemtrails and why they don't want to tell people the truth. The cover-up is essentially designed to not tell these issues linked so closely to these religious predictions, because it would greatly change religion's beliefs. The Govt. is essentially causing these end-time effects and persecuting those that notice the problem. These cover-ups make the GOP interests very rich. These cover-ups have corrupted our Govt. beyond your wildest imagination, to the point that the truth cannot be found on many things.

I hope you all enjoyed this narrative about DOE's/DOD's Chemtrails and the Barium synergism's---radiation conversion. I hope that all who read this understand and pass it around to all your friends on the Internet. It is time for the citizens to take back control of our Govt.

============ Part iii Alchemy and Pharmacology ==============

Aerosols and weather, air pharmacology and medicine, AMA and presidents.

Lots of readers are learning a great deal about how the ozone hole set off an entire series of secret experiments to lessen the UV-b effects. Perhaps it would be good to understand the Oak Ridge Environment that concealed these issues and the political climate that perpetuates these problems. These are the real issues behind why this problem happened and why its not being resolved.

These bits of info might help orient many of you, as we explore just how things like "Aerosols and weather, air pharmacology and medicine, AMA and presidents" all relate.

Everyone needs to remember that Oak Ridge was the location of the world's largest industrial building [The K-25 building] and the world's largest coal steam plant [The S-50 process steam plant] for a very long time. The systems were powered by the largest federal utility, TVA, using mainly coal. The uranium enrichment operations used more power than that required for New York City. This with the plants own process emissions made the Oak Ridge area one of the early highly toxic exposed populations. Oak Ridge was the area with the highest density of power usage and generation in the entire world. It also stored the worlds supply of mercury and uranium, and stored and lost huge amounts of fluorine. What was seen happening in Oak Ridge was to be the harbinger of what was to affect the entire country in time. Some call its warning the message contained in the Revelations.

Oak Ridge has many health effects from pollutant releases. It has made workers sick and killed them for decades. It sustained this by using "national security" secrecy as an excuse to cover this up for 50 years. Much is still covered up. The Manhattan Project used fluorine compounds like Teflon for fluorine resistant compressor shaft seals and diffusion tube bundle seals in the UF-6 process. The Manhattan Project was also the world largest user of Freon as the UF-6 process inner- cooler for the UF-6 compression heat. The Manhattan Project was the largest single contributor to the ozone hole. This is the main reason DOE is involved in the cover up of the ozone holes real issues, from those for health all the way to religion factors.

The bomb making industry also used Freon to machine plutonium parts at Rocky Flats and elsewhere, to avoid pyrophoric fires in air. Rocky Flats also used HF in the plutonium chemical process and workers say when the HF shed doors were opened the birds literally fell from the sky. Birds are very sensitive to fluorides. Their sensitivity even shows with Teflon cookware in homes where the vapors from heating Teflon often kills the bird pets. Do keep in mind that what kills birds does also affect human health. A new Teflon is on the market that is blended with titanium and marketed under the name "Excalibur" coatings. This technology traces right to my discoveries about the health harms from fluorides and the compensation effects using titanium.

In Oak Ridge, PCB's were used to machine pyrophoric uranium parts to prevent fires. Hundreds of machinists were poisoned with PCB's and under the Y-12 weapons plant is one of the largest PCB spills in the US.

Oak Ridge gets along will with the AMA type doctors, as does all of industry. AMA was formed from Rockefeller industrial interests. AMA doctors make vast profits from industrial induced illness, and they never reveal much of the toxic causation tied to industries. In Oak Ridge, if a doctor came close to connecting a weapons process pollutant to a public health issue, his career came to an abrupt end. Oak Ridge is a cash cow to those that keeps the secrets.

When the art of Chiropractic Medicine came to Oak Ridge this set off a major problem, because Chiro's pin the cause of illness on toxic's. Oak Ridge set off to ruin all local Chiropractors because it would expose things like the hell-a-cious fluorides health effects, which Chiro's tend to recognize. Chiro's also do things like chelation therapy---- which pulls out things like toxic metals. This would show up Oak Ridge toxic induced health problem causation's. It would particularly get right down to the aluminum-fluoride synergism on the Gq/11 proteins and T-3 hormone effects on health. There is a similar synergism with fluoride and mercury, which might also be found. Beryllium and Fluorine have one of the most serious Gq/11 effects. All of industry also hated the Chiropractors, as they are correct in their assessments.

In the AMA system, the entire art of pharmacology is about how to add one more toxic effect to mitigate another from industry or environment. Chiro's worked the other way in pulling out toxic materials and putting in only clean food and vitamins. Chiro's attacked the problem directly and the AMA and pharmacy methods masked the causation with sub-toxic pharmaceutical effects. The Chiro's plan is lots more sound in light of the thousands of chemicals that now beset most of the world and similar from many pharmaceuticals in the food and water chain.

AMA doctor's even use some Chiro methods in treatment in the form of restricted diets that lower the free radical damage to the gut and the intake of too many bad things. A diet low in cooked foods with lots of fresh veggies and fruits does more to improve health than all the pharmacy methods. One of the big troubles in this society is that Americans have forgotten how to eat in healthy ways, and many almost never eat a raw vegetable. All their diets are high in cooked foods, dairy, and meats. And high in diets loaded with pesticides and preservatives. The American methods are killing many from this effect. Then add in the multiple toxic emissions hitting the lungs and absorbed via the food chain.

The air pharmacology techniques from Oak Ridge or the public venue's "chemtrail techniques" are one in the same and the very same technique used in AMA medicine. Simply put it is how to add one more pollutant that has some positive synergistic effect against another. "Air Pharmacology" was an idea begging to be discovered and I happened to find it in looking at weapons plants worker health effects.

Oak Ridge's liabilities are huge and the corrupted national security types would rather hide the issues, than ever tell the truth. In the process, they also get to make money the same way as the AMA and industry parasitic relationships have for nearly a century now. This is what sustains the air pharmacology methods. It is the definition of "smoke and mirrors" used in national security ways to hide issues.

Even the White House supports this kind of thinking, because it makes GOP interests rich and gets them reelected. It is a vicious circle based on greed, money, and power.

The big problem with ideas like "air pharmacology" is once the idea gets into the system, it takes on a mind of its own, driven by greed and money. In the classified national security environment, it becomes a monster.

The national security types and industry would rather do all these things to affect the environment, than to admit there is a problem and go after the source terms. It is their formula to get rich.

Air pharmacology can be used for strategic advantages of the US against other countries. The US can become more immune to illnesses that can devastate other countries. Example is HIV, and the latest SARS problem. SARS could easily take off and kill a large number in China. The Chinese may see these techniques as a threat that could start WWIII. SARS or another virus could be planted in counties with poor immune resistance. It is the same basic equation to which the AMA makes money. AMA ignores causation from pollutants and instead uses expensive pharmacy and intervention to keep the lifetimes up.

Same basic deal with chemtrails, they make money from keeping the essential problem not disclosed to the public. Air Pharmacology does the same thing. Chemtrials are just another pill----another Band-Aid. The causes for illness and the bad weather is all pollutants. These pollutant effects have come on slowly, so many don't notice. But the root issue is pollutants, led in first place by fluorides. Sometime, look at the content of fluorides in blood vessels and ask a simple question about vessel plaque and fluoride calcium affinity. Then look at fluoride effect on the thyroid hormone and how fluoride is cumulative, and the levels placed in even the water lead to illnesses in the long term.

The real root of the issues is that to disclose the problem would show that the people have been mislead by both industry and medicine. Even the study into what is the causes of AIDS and the other immune linked illnesses leads directly to the toxic causation's effects and the real big secrets the AMA and industry have exploited with the citizens used as pawns. It has every aspect of the term Racketeering, which is what it is now about.

The main causes for illnesses are well know these days, and the Govt. has established a mystery to conceal from the public what is becoming very obvious. The citizens have been had by industry. Players all the way into Govt. agencies and the White House play this game and keep the public dumbed down. The dumb down effect is connected to the fluoride toxic effects on the brain and it is called the mind control project in some circles.

One can even see the president of the US plays these same games, helping industry to hide pollutants and dodge class action responsibility, helping AMA pharmacy continue great profits and denying the poor, helping petrochemical industry to the point of wars to gain control of oil interests. These same issues set up the Imperialism of the US presidency.

In the study of the health effects in Oak Ridge, we looked at some very basic issues. We looked at things like the occupation exposures, what plant emissions could be involved in synergistic effects, and then even the home lifestyle. In this process, we used some of the same criteria that Chiropractors might use. We found that often home eating set up familial trends over generations and that this effect was highly connected to illness in some families. The old adage that you are what you eat comes to mind, as well as some of the messages from Genesis.

This effect is seen in anecdotal stories about Aunt Minnie and her recipes passed down through the years to the family. Families get acquired tastes for food and the cooking process is directly responsible for making these tastes. This process has even acquired a name: "Maillard reaction" or "Maillard molecules." So, when family groups get used to deep fried chitlins, pork rinds, and burned fats this means their food chain is not only beset with many toxic's, but ones made from burning things due to cooking. This sets up familiar trends of illness and not so much DNA passed down. There is also a familial generation DNA damage tend to deal with also, due to the same damage process.

The AMA doctors and industry support a misleading lie about the problems being the persons defect in genetics or DNA, when the full truth is this came about due to toxic free radical effects induced in food and the toxic's rising in the food chain. Environmental effects set up these trends. Environmental effects damaged the genes and DNA.

This effect is most disturbing in the mouse experiments where mice DNA has been damaged by the nature of getting high fluorides exposures. These damaged DNA experiments is what we base lots of our health outcome sciences upon. It is very dangerous to ignore these factors from the mouse data sets.

In Oak Ridge, there was the issue of how one nuclear plant's toxic emissions did not do as much worker health damage as the other and looking at the plants other emissions yielded some ideas. One plant was high in cyanide compound emissions and this looked like the very same basic effect as seen used in the laetrile treatments for cancer. It is also connected to the Vit. B-17 effect.

One experiment at the TSCA Incinerator in Oak Ridge used burned methyl cyanide emissions into the air to see if this effect would accelerate the removal of metal oxides from workers lungs, in the same way that it is used for in-situ uranium mining. This was the kick off for the air pharmacology experiments, which was soon to become the chemtrails techniques and go after the weather linked issues connected to the nuke plant's acid and particle emissions.

Oak Ridge is home to many 100 year storms, in the early 90's, that occurred over just a few years due to the acid and particulate laden air storing huge amounts of heat and causing high summer air temperatures. One year recorded 100 degree plus air temps from this process. This energy translates to violent storms that damaged the weapons plants and region. Heat and light reflective particles sprayed into these regions would lower these heat energy effects and lower the storm damage. This is how the process got started. The first attempts were disasters and basically screwed up roofs due to the sky paint materials pulling down fungus that stuck to and discolored rooftops.

These methods expanded into using jet planes as global spray cans that made aluminum oxide from the jet fuel burning process. This even used heat to help keep the particles in suspension in the same what that SST jets were linked to global warming effects. The Aluminum methods were dangerous to health, as there is a dangerous synergism for aluminum, which will tend to pull the HF out of the air. Al-F is connected to thyroid hormone damage via Gq/11 proteins.

The basic chemtrail technique for jet engine burns making reflective oxides is simple, but concealed. The jet engine chemtrail techniques use fuel mixer techniques of materials like the Ethyl Corp. lead additive for fuels. The Al or Ti compounds are stored in the grey water compartment and injected into the fuel lines at altitude. These were installed by a secret program called "Project Cloverleaf."

Other ideas would use the photoelectric effect to ionize the particles and have them suspend on the Earth's potential gradient. These effects use the low work function metals, example barium. These type effects also have application in microwave interest areas for spying on communications and RADAR by making distributed barium-titanium-Ferrite particle microwave components in the air pathways of the beams. This could also be used to hide some of the real goals of these experiments from Congress using dual-use explanation strategies.

This is how the skies of the US and many countries have come to be spray painted a milky white, without being too noticed in Congressional Reports and the newspapers. It is all about the methods of Smoke and Mirrors being used to hide these national security programs and their real goals from the people and from the world. The American public needs to look up, because their sky is literally falling on their heads. Lots of particulate's are added these days.

The basic goal is to do experiments to cut the magnitude of the Earth potential gradient, which will directly affect these storm and damage factors and allow industry to pollute even more. It is also about concealing the issues of how badly our health is being damaged and to continue the AMA and pharmacy trends. In the process, this will also help balance the Social Security process, as peoples life-span won't grow, and many will die sooner from all the particulate in the air.

We have learned a lot about the issues of aerosols and weather modification, and how air pharmacology stems directly from existing medicine's parasitic effect with industry, and how even presidents play the games of the AMA for vast GOP profits. But then we all need to ask, is this in the best interest for the American people. I think what is in the American best interests is to expose these problems and deal with them openly in the world. In this way, the corrupted few do not get to exploit the citizens as pawns to their greedy cause.

These problems persist because of the use of secrets to hide these problems under national security, and this sustained due to corrupted presidents siding with industry cover up goals. This is largely a GOP big industry, pharmaceutical, AMA, petrochemical, and oil driven process. It is all about making money and nothing about the common good for the country and for the world.

These problems led our world directly into the End-Times predictions and the messages from the Revelations. These issues could be foreseen from these old times due to what folks learned from volcanic disasters in those times. It is not hard to see the process, and it would not be difficult today either---but for the citizens being so dumbed down and handing over their care to the corrupted Govt. We are in a time where there are so many lies being floated that it is difficult to see the truth. As these falsehoods propagate they will progress into great levels of illness and death, and even lead to great wars between varied religious faction truth seekers. This is where we find our great country today, in a state where it has become totally corrupted by money. Indeed, this process is the root of all evil. It remains to be seen how to get the country on the correct pathway again.

============= Part iv Power and Holy Deception =================

The churches role in the ozone hole and revelation--corruption of legal system

It appears odd that religion would be linked to nuclear issues, but even the oldest religions worshiped the Sun. The symbolism's from these old religions over time became the ones we know today. These old religions helped to form laws like the ones from the "Stone of Hammurabi" and many of the ones we still know today. Inscribed stone pillars or piles of stones were used as contracts in those old days. The Washington Monument is symbolic of these principles. So, if religion has some corruption factors, then one must expect these to flow into the corruption of the legal system and Govt. itself. These were factors ORNL considered in hiding their massive environmental problems from the world. Religion had to be controlled and exploited to hide this problem from the citizens. We'll look at how this is happening.

Some American's think that might makes right, and this appears what is driving America today. Some say this will lead to a great war, and in many ways we're in it right now. The better ideal is truth makes right, and this is how we proceed here. The truth can set the people free.

Some say we have found the formula for the apocalypse, and there appears to be one on the near horizon. We have certainly found all the factors connected to the "End-Times" and factors that sure look just like the predictions for "Revelations." The ozone hole issues leads us into the questions about how these effects appear to be the revelations and what should be the churches role in discussion and exposing these issues. Obviously, the Govt. needs to manipulate this venue to control exposing these huge environmental problems.

Some question why religion is not focused on these factors, if they are of this epic importance. What is the churches role in the ozone hole, if this is the foretelling of the Revelation's predictions? If the church can't tell the truth on this and the church is the foundation for the legal system, then just how far will the corruption continue? Will it affect the honesty of our laws and justice? Many say all these are failing.

These factors led us from the balanced deterrence to that of preemptive strikes. The White House born again Christians appear to have intentionally left the door wide open for aircraft bombs, despite lots of intelligence showing it coming. 911 then served as a purpose to advance into a New World Order process. Afghanistan became a nice oil pipeline venue and Iraq a huge source of oil for American development. These were no accidents, these were planned events from ORNL national security issues seen in the mid-80's and linked to the problems with Libya. Libya built exact copies of Y-12 calutron buildings and even purchased the old Y-12 units for their bomb program.

The game plan is to take the American citizens hostage as well, using the same basic scam as in NAZI Germany. Today, we have a Govt. run by serious CIA methods using lots of CIA thugs, and those pretending to be religious. This Govt. is about 180 degrees opposed to the values of Christ. America has a CEO these days protecting the interests of those in oil, Rockefeller AMA medicine, Rockefeller based pharmacology, weapons work, and chemicals. We have to see what is going on as a hostile take over of America. The cover up of global warming in the Bush censored EPA report is going to lead to the same type health cover ups as harmed thousands in the DOE plants and communities from DOE's cover ups.

Bush now actively threatens and intimidates anyone that is against their imperial policies. It is the same thing doctors were told in Oak Ridge, keep our secrets or we'll ruin you. We have a White House that has corrupted both church and state. The two are no longer separate due to the discoveries of DOE on the weather effects due to the Sun's shielding process, and due to the Israel factor and its nuclear weapons. We have a president that likes to call himself the "CEO of America," who manages the White House with the basic ethics of an Enron cover up and scandal. His dad was the former president and headed the CIA, and the son continues to hide the mistakes his dad helped cover up. This president and lots of his staff claim high values based on their religion and there is a total loss of separation of church and state. Bush, a born again Christian, is a member of the Methodist Church and belongs to the Highland Park UMC in Dallas, Texas.

The Methodist Church and other churches are highly interested in the Bush formula for the Govt. to give them lots of money. Bush has bought off lots of religions with this big offer. Only a few church interests like Van Impe and some others are heralding the issues of the ozone hole and its connections to End-Time predictions. They happen to be right, but why are not the other churches talking this information? Most churches like doing business as usual, where organized religion has members come listen, obey, and give. They don't want to upset that formula for profit. They hate free thinkers and those that ask the right questions. Most churches don't want to get into the discussion of how the ozone hole warning is leading us into disasters, some with health, some due to weather, and some due to wars. One cannot even come close to knowing the ways of God without knowing the teachings from science and their connections to Old World problems.

Today, ministers of churches are illiterate when it comes to the real issues behind Old World religions and how this connected to Sun worship. Religion's evangelists tend not even to know the basic principles of the science that the Magi likely taught to Jesus and Mary. Theology is isolated from science, and science shows the pathway for the revelations. Those that know God know the natural orders of all things. Those that know these things must know the sciences very well and how to connect these to problems in the Old World and the messages from Jesus.

The shallow of mind evangelists only allow the money changing that took Jesus' life. Their members are kept as dumb as possible and eat foods that don't even follow Genesis. These ministers of today that interpret the Bible have the mentality of children, and place the wrong emphasis and meaning on the Bible's works. These ministers that attempt to pass themselves off as being so learned are a big part of the problems today.

Here lies even more of the roots for massive problems. There are inequities in that Israel is allowed lots of nuclear weapons, and any Arab faction that wants nuclear weapons and sometime even reactors is threatened by America. Religion is a strong factor in the issue of nuclear weapons and proliferation these days.

There are even inequities in Jewish vs Islam / Moslem. One claims they are chosen and are above others, the other side claims making war as their duty to prevail. Both have some issues that keep the world from becoming one again. The bottom line is we are all equal, and this concept is needed for all to be one again. We should not overlook that most people in the world are Buddhist, Islam, and Moslem oriented.

If one looks at the Jewish history from the old Testament and Genesis, one finds the Jews did lots of things that today would be called national security issues, if not called terrorism. The Jew's don't have a very nice history to brag about. The Talmud is full of violence and crime, but in later time RAMBAM added a balance. In the time of David, Mary, and Jesus these things were attempting to be changed. Jesus was into curing folks and health, which he learned from his vast travels. He wanted folks to avoid animal products. Jesus was what in this day could be called an Environmentalist. Mary was from a highly aristocratic family with money and servants. Jesus could also be described as an activist. His biggest adversary were moneychangers corrupting the church. This appears our same problem today. Basically, the Jews had a Nazareth Jew killed over their greed. This is something even the Pope has had to battle with in politics between churches. Perhaps this deb! acle with why the Catholic's choose Mary as their central icon.

Bush and his actor's guild in the White House have even gone so far as to have him read the "Servant Songs" from the Bible, which is all about Jesus. Bush and his stage show put on a huge show on the aircraft carrier Abe Lincoln. Bush could not show up for his National Guard duties, but he could show up for this act.

Bush even confided in Middle East negotiations that God told him to "Strike at Saddam." This looking even more like the issue of false profits predicted in the revelations.

It is become clear that we have a president that lies, from the issues of known fake intelligence on Iraq, to hiding his service record and what looks like AWOL. The spin is so thick in DC that an invisible tornado is spinning every ounce of info coming from the White House. Can America or Americans afford to support such lies, when we know this will lead to disasters of epic proportions?

The religion thread runs through many things. It forms our laws, it supports morals for truth. Yet, we have a White House that corrupts all these. We have a GOP more committed to being industry thugs than protectors of the people.

Lets also not forget that the word "Bible" means "book," and this is a book of old essays and histories from the time man learned to write. Lets also not forget that the real message in the Bible is not from its literal words, but from the icon symbols the words describe from the oldest of times of man on the planet. This is the real code that many miss in the Bible words of wisdom. What makes the words sacred or most revered through time, is the icon messages. These are the messages intended to save the world in this time. It is time to put them to good use.

The religion threat runs even through nuclear issues. Perhaps it was Oppenheimer that started many of the Manhattan Project's religion threads, as he read all manner of things including the Indian "Bhagavad Gita." He read these hints about God and supreme spirits at the Trinity Test for the A-bomb. Oppenheimer worked well with Gen. Groves, who had built the Pentagon, and it was this connection that got lots of these national security religion connected names started. Groves was also connected to getting Jewish scientists out of Hitler's expansion. This is how we got Teller and other European scientists, from Grove's Project "Altos," "Alsos," and others. Grove's collection of "crackpot" nuclear scientists turned into the Manhattan Project.

At the Trinity Test the scientists were betting if the shot would set the atmosphere on fire. 40 years later we learned some methods to set the atmosphere on fire with IR radiation and use the power of the Sun to enhance nuclear like weapons effects.

These scientists were working on the power of the sun and its nuclear processes. This was how plants in Oak Ridge came to be named after things like God and the Ten Commandments, the code name X-10 was for the plutonium project. Yahweh and the twelve disciples became Y-12, or the UC Calutron uranium enrichment process. Similar comes right out of the "Bhagavad Gita" messages about supreme spirits and the light of a hundred suns, which is the effect seen from an A-bomb.

It gets even more interesting when one visits St. Mary's Catholic church on the Oak Ridge Turnpike near the main town mall. In the garden of this church stands a most unusual statue of Mary. This special statue has Mary wearing the pointed crown of the old world Pope's. She stands on a globe with the atom symbol imbedded, with the traditional snake coming from the Earth's surface with her foot on it and an apple in its mouth.

Everyone should recognize the snake symbolism, as it is the same as the AMA uses with their caduceus symbol. Every doctor's office and most all pharmacies display this symbol. Mary's message is control the toxic source term, not add more.

The Mary icon symbolically stands for Environmentalism, as the snake stands for toxic's from the Earth getting into the food chain, with Mary mediating the process. Interesting symbolism indeed, and this is not where it all ends. It goes much much deeper. Symbolism's are an important carry over from Old World religions and each has a language independent message to convey through time. This is part of how the topic of Jesus as an Environmentalist came to be.

There are many other symbols or icons, from that of Noah and the Ark to that of Adam and Eve in the Garden--both these from the book of Genesis and the time when language was rare and symbolic icons conveyed the meaning to the illiterate masses. The snake symbol appears in the Garden of Eden Icon and means that certain fruits should be avoided, this to sustain good health, clear thinking, and other factors. American evangelicals take these icon messages far too literally, and this causes problems. The story of Noah and the icon happened to land on the largest land mass volcano in the world. Volcano's are notorious for poisoning things and living things needing protection from their poisons, of which HF is one big player.

It was knowing how these icon symbols convey messages about environment and health that lead to many national security names. The ones on Oak Ridge are never told because of the impact the real story would have upon religion. Presidents have opted to keep up these veils on these links, so as to not void many things wayward Evangelism has taught folks in the US. This is also part of the big problem. Citizens need to know the truth, all of it, not selected bits. Evangelism that promotes the supernatural element in religion are part of the big problem, as science provides rational explanations for these biblical events. This type preaching leads all the world astray.

These naming conventions connected to religion go on to infect even present projects and one obvious one is the Star War "Excalibur" Project. King Arthur's Excalibur sword is related to the Isle of Avalon and the area of Glastonbury England. It is here at this church that Mary once came and the Ark was stored for a time. So, displaying this convention anointed Teller into this special knowledge group. The church at Glastonbury is used as the model for many other church architectures.

These names go on and on, you just have to know to look for them. The HAARP Project is another one and one that I also gave the name for. HAARP is linked to ozone hole and ion layer experiments and intended to be something angels played on high.

My forte at ORNL was a special project called "Global System Engineering" and it looked at the effects of the Earth's Potential Gradient on the weather and how the Gradient was formed. The interest in the ionosphere and gradient came from my Amateur Radio interest that used these reflective ion layers to talk around the world. This naturally led to looking at how to control the effects of differential energy absorption into atmospheric air from IR. This lead to projects like HAARP and the global Sun Shield for IR and for UV radiation. The study revealed all the parts for the Revelations, and all that knew this science felt as though they suddenly fell into the footsteps of God and Jesus. It provided an awakening, as science had literally ran head on into like issues from millennia old religion.

In many ways the hobby of Amateur Radio sets one on the path toward discovery. Many others have followed this path, and one prime example is Ross Gunn. Gunn discovered the S-50 or thermal liquid diffusion process used in the Manhattan Project. He was also into weather studies and actually measured the potential gradient. Even Carl Sagan's movie "Contact" leads off with Amateur Radio as a way to start toward Contact with the realm of God. Indeed, when one looks down this pathway one does encounter many factors connected with God.

The study of the ozone hole leads one to volcanic factors as well. And even to other Biblical connected issues. Here the story of Sodom and Gomorra comes to mind. This was a geologic subsidence effect with many volcanic properties, and these happen with global warming and cooling effects. God destroyed this area by the subsidence into the Dead Sea. In the process all the toxic releases affected persons minds and sexual drive, and the myths of the snake headed hydra and turning into a pillar of salt are the main icons. Today, we can see these meanings more clearly as connected to HF and metal toxic effects.

Keep in mind that the "caduceus" symbol is also how snakes mate, and these toxic's do upset many sexual hormones. Many toxic's are aphrodisiacs due to this effect and it drives sex problems in populations. The fluoride toxic's can turn off many hormone systems, including those affecting sex outcomes. This is why science looks at male to female sex ratios in polluted areas. The same effects can determine sex hormone levels that set up factors linked to gay outcomes. The Bible also speaks to this issue.

The new area for these Sodom and Gomorra like effects is the East African Rift zone, which is marked by many volcanoes. It is along this line that many illnesses spawn that now go around the world. It is a variant of what happens in China with Flu's each year. Both areas are highly fluorides impacted, which breeds immune dysfunction and viral breeding. Basically, we've known what causes the flu and the common cold for a long time, just doctors don't want to expose what makes them rich.

The problem is all these effects are known by science and even the DOE, and the citizens have the right to know these issues and have them explained clearly to them. These issues should not be allowed to be hidden from the common man by a quagmire of science's most complicated reporting. The agencies in their news have the duty to report how the sciences have found the proof for the revelations. If one does this reporting it brings all peoples and religions closer together. The problem is the powers of Govt. and religion make money off of not telling these important issues. The US is becoming more like the UK, where Govt. and religion are one authority, and one dare not object.

The plight to fix what is going on today must involve the churches and the Govt., each must be confronted by the citizens and peoples of the world. Each of us must take the time to enlighten ourselves and each confront the powers that seek to deceive us. It almost sounds like the rapture message, and it may well be. A very noticeable symbol above our heads that is causing all manner of stuff to fall from the sky sure looks like time for an awakening. And that awakening has all the messages from the Revelations involved. So, be it a time of the rapture or just a head-up call, it is time to pursue the truth.

I just happened to be the person that put all these issues together and identified the problems and wanted an openness process to address them. Our Govt. and Religion did not want openness and instead sought vast wealth from denying there was harm to man on the planet. It is not going to be slowed by expanding oil fields or letting industry run wild with pollution. Only total openness towards each person in this world is going to be able to fix this Goliath issue.

American needs to unclog their immune systems and minds from all the industries pollutants, then dust off all the atmosphere weather control fallout off their heads, and then say enough of the deceptions and cover up. It is time for Judgment Day.

========= Part v Language and Signs of Deceit ===========

Of con-trails and con-men-->The Bush Oilman's League--Spinmasters

This series on "chemtrails" has explored some of the causative issues that set up the trends for how and why these things are being done. Keep in mind that the Rockefeller Standard Oil Corp. interests were directly tied to the origin of the AMA and pharmacology. This was set up to protect industry, not the citizens. Similarly, fluoridation was set up to protect industry, not the citizens nor their children. Lastly, Chemtrails were set up to protect industry, not the citizens. Our "CEO of America" president is about protecting corporations and not the citizens. The Bush CEO of America cares not for expendable citizens.

One of the better books to read about this process is one called "The Drug Story" by Morris Bealle, as Chicago newspaper person. The whole AMA / Pharmacy system was set up by "Oilmen" and their chemical and energy interests. It is an "Oilman" from Texas that currently carries on this long trend to con the American public. We'll look at how con- men relate to con-trails and the slippery tricks of the Bush Oilman's League.

The Standard Oil interests were highly connected to the IG Farben Company in Germany, which came to be a major help to Hitler and the Nazi's. Farben company persons were tried for war crimes in Nuremberg. Farben designed fluoride nerve gases, and supplied cyanide chemicals for the death camps. The Bush's have a long historical connection to Farben.

Farben was split up after the war to become things like pharmaceutical, chemical, and oil companies. Germany used fluoride to keep their prisoners dumbed down and tired. It is the effect of damage to the T-3 thyroid hormone process. Its been well known effect by chemical companies since the 30's, most especially in Germany. The early German and Farben research even discovered the Gq/11 effects and the T-3 damage. This was in research on frogs.

The fluorine effects with the big three G-protein metals in Oak Ridge, aluminum, beryllium, and mercury, is not the only G-protein effect today. The chemical industry has let PCB, Dioxin, and chlorine rocket fuels get out of control. These materials have similar strong pick up by the food chain, long retention time in the body, and G-protein mimicry that affects health.

One knows things are bad when the "Spin" from DC is intent on hiding the net effects of the End-Times. We need to begin to consider that "Spin" is basically lying because the plain truth is difficult for a president to admit. Truth has become missing in the management of US corporations. Truth is missing in religions. We have an entire system based on nondisclosure, or should we say deception. Why? The Huge Corporate Liabilities.

The truth of chemtrails is out of the bag these days and all over the Internet as many free thinking persons are awakening and asking questions. This series of articles speeds some of those questions and answers along and guides where to look. The US industry and the DOE are trying to hide the real reason for having to do chemtrails and they hide these by hiding one development program inside another. These are the "dual use" type funding schemes and they don't state the long term goal.

This keeps the public ignorant and keeps some in Congress, like Kucinich, from asking more questions. Remember, Kucinich said "Chemtrails are real" and now he can't go anywhere without more questions. There is a big problem, which the DOE does not want to make public. The secret long term objectives are to pull the acids and particulate out of the air, lessen the severity of storms, and get the UV-b levels down; but not blame those industries that caused it. The DOE and Govt. along the way intends to reward these weapons developers with huge funding for keeping the main goals and problems hushed. Then take the citizens hostage and keep them from taking on the corporate corruption.

This problem with fluorides in the air from coal emissions will be used by DOE as a reason to push nuclear power, as this is part of their staged planning. Keep in mind that fixing the problem would mean that coal plants need to have lesser polluting clean-coal techniques used and the existing plants need to be retrofitted. This would then lessen the fluorides source term. New nuke plants just let the old source terms keep on polluting. The DOE also set up the "Human Genome Project" to go right along with these same issues of pollutants in the environment. This was my suggestion with air pharmacology and HAARP to get down to the fine points of how the toxic's damage the DNA and immune process. The goal here is to identify which gene segments and folding patterns are damaged by pollutants and how the immune system proteins, cytokines, etc. communicate and work.

This is why the recent Wake Forest mice line with full function immune system is so important to recognize. We know mice immune systems are highly damaged by environment. Now DNA experiments can be commissioned to look for the undamaged DNA strains in mice. One must be careful not to let the polluting industry apologists turn around the causative factor timeline.

One must also consider other effects of fluorides. One thing to notice around Oak Ridge and other fluoride damaged sites is the honey bees die off. They become susceptible to tracheal mite infections. Honey Bees feed on pollen and one of the properties of plants is the pollen concentrates fluoride and metal pollution. This process damages the honey bee immunity and kills them off. This also causes problems with African Killer Bee movement north.

Cows and grass eaters are just vacuum cleaners of air pollutants and this damages their immunity. This is causing all the overuse of antibiotics on cows and the need to some Noah's Ark methods to cover the ground with titanium to compensate for the fluoride toxic effects.

This same property of the fluoride and metal toxic's to concentrate into the reproductive system is also true for mammals and humans. Reproductive processes are the most susceptible to toxins, and the effects of these materials even on DNA folding patterns is important. These same effects seen in mice and bees, also happens to man as his toxic exposures increase.

We are already seeing massive signs of these type problems in man from damages to the thyroid hormone process. Adults and kids are getting extreme weight and energy problems from the thyroid damage process. The AMA's simple test for TSH only helps to conceal this problem. The problem of thyroid damage from fluorides and metals can only be found by running the full panel thyroid hormone tests.

The issue of mad cow syndrome is also in the same venue as it comes from re-feeding bone meals and use of pesticides. The cow's nervous systems fail under the damage to the immune system. Cow's are chocked full of antibiotics to help there immune failings along and these get passed to man via milk and meat.

We are well into the discussion of human and environmental experiments with the chemtrails, so lets look a little deeper into what DOE knows from its classified Govt. files. In the early 30's the Rockefeller oil, chemical, and pharmacy interests wanted some humans to test chemical effects. The groups they picked were isolated tribes of natives in the rain forests of equatorial South America. These jungle natives were used to do accelerated testing for the effects of chemicals on humans.

Selected group environments were sprayed all kinds of chemicals from toxic metals to pesticides. What emerged over the years were health effects, genetic damage, and all kinds of birth defects. They essentially proved chemicals cause health harm and it transmits to offspring. These were the early studies that showed the DNA damages from chemicals. It was an effect that would take longer in the US population, but the effects would be like what happened to these jungle natives over longer time. These studies are all classified because they are essentially war crimes type human experiments.

As WWII came along these natives were uprooted and moved to an island in the Panama Canal Zone and things like war gases and other things were studied. As the atomic tests came along, these genetic defect natives with problems like short stature, large heads, six fingers, and so on were used to study the effects of atomic bombs on humans. They were place in cages at varying ranges from the test shots and exposed to the bomb blast and radiation. These reports are also classified and held in "Special Access Project" areas of the NTS Area 51, which is DOE property.

At the DOE Human Experiment hearings in Albuquerque, NM one of the special Army persons assigned to these experiments came to tell this story. His name was Ernest Garcia and he was quickly surrounded by Govt. plants. He showed many chemical burns on his body from some of the testing, and he had documents to boot. He was told by the military to shut up because of violations of security or go to jail. A book called "Darkness in El Dorado" touches on some of this history.

The thread of these human experiments goes even further. In 1947, the Russians were building huge numbers of TU-4 bombers and developing their RDS-1 atomic bomb which they tested in Aug 1949. These issues slipped up on the US and sent the US into a panic. They wanted to test bomber pilot survival with A-bombs and how RADAR responded to the radiation ionization. The US again used the White Sands range, where the Trinity shot was done, to run a balloon suspended A-bomb test.

They set up RADAR systems to the North to study the effects of air ionization and used the human experiment natives loaded into balloon suspended saucer/wing plane designs to study pilot and plane survivability. Roswell AFB, next to the White Sands Range, received all the captured NAZI booty, which was V-2 rockets and experimental aircraft, some of which were "saucer" or "flying flapjack" profiled. Flying wing and saucer design aircraft have the highest bomb load capacities and resistance to bomb air shock.

Needless to say, this 1947 experiment went astray as the experiment broke loose and landed on public land. This became the most spun military project in history as they attempted to hide what happened. The balloon material was radiation damaged and formed the new material "Mylar" and the humans instantly blinded as their surface eye proteins burned to black by the heat flash and UV. In 1947, the NAZI doctors that did these same type human experiments were being jailed and hung at Nuremberg. Every imaginable "smoke and mirrors" technique and even threats were used to cover up this experiment. The only "aliens" present were only in the sense of the US Emigration designation. It was this style spin that is used today to cover up this crime and the very same methods used to cover up the chemtrails experiments.

1947 was an interesting year, because it also spawned the CIA and set up the state of Israel. The CIA used the methods taught to the US by the OSS and its UK alliances in the war. This happened because of the fear that the "Russians were Coming." This was the kick off event for the cold war that was to develop and consume massive resources and monies.

All this hidden history is directly related to the HAARP experiments. HAARP is all about doing the same kinds of ionization in the atmosphere as seen at White Sands in 1947, when the RADAR screen whited out and was blinded by the bomb ionization. There were other experiments that ended with disasters in WWII. The infamous "Philadelphia Project" was a RADAR invisibility project using ion in air effects or plasma techniques.

The shipboard experiment was set up by the Westinghouse Electric group in Philadelphia and the nearby Plasma expertise at Princeton, NJ was involved. This experiment used the inert fission gases to set up ionization around a small ship and control the ions with magnetic fields. Not much was known about the health effects of these ion gases in the early years, but later it was found they decayed to other isotopes that lingered in the lung and body. This damaged the nervous system for those exposed as the inert gases slipped past ship compartment filters and exposed ships crew. This experiment became a failed human experiment also and hushed up with classification and spin.

The RADAR in those days were VHF 50 MHz and easily controlled by plasma techniques. Wave propagation and reflection is controlled by the plasma density and a wave equation called the "Poynting Vector." It is a space- time equation, and its technical terminology is used to portray the effect as a time warp. The ship never went anywhere, just its RADAR profile was lost and some of the same effects with "potential wells" obscured it in fog. The experiment was recklessly pursued to get past the Pacific RADAR grid set up by the Japanese.

This experiment showed the reckless abandon that applied to many military projects. This same reckless speed applied to how the largest steam plant in the world was built in Oak Ridge to power the S-50 process in just months, and how the largest building in the world was also built in just months. These reckless abandon effects would take longer to appear for Oak Ridge, but the toxic effects from the coal emissions and the careless fluoride emissions in later years would highly damage the workers and communities. Oak Ridge would become the pilot study for what would soon happen across the country.

Today, these plasma techniques have matured to the point that plasma jet techniques are used to hide satellites from ground detection. It can also be used to neutralize sensing satellites for quality measurements of charged particle factors in space. The HAARP system's extended experiments will look at how to control the plasma density to open or close space communication. Such experiments may also help deal with the dead time for space flight reentry, when the plasma shuts down communications with space flights.

Lots of the cover up for these projects is set up by the Mil. / Ind. Network and their powers to obtain secrecy and influence the office of president. These type words were also said by JFK just prior to his death. JFK got in the middle of a CIA plot to take back Cuba from Castro and recover US investments. This failed the first time due to a poor plan by CIA connected Bush. This set up the Missile Crisis in 1962. This was diffused and there came a Russian double agent named Oswald, who kept an eye on the Texas interests trying to revive the take back Cuba plan.

JFK learned of these plans and intended to stop it due to his deal with Russia. Remember that JFK was saying he knew of some that were abusing the power of the White House just before he was killed. Oak Ridge became involved as JFK was shutting down nuclear testing, they hated JFK. An Oak Ridge nuclear bomb plant person named Ray Tucker had connections with Jack Ruby and the Capone Mafia, and this set up the CIA like plan to remove JFK and replace him with LBJ. The Mafia hated JFK and RFK because of their RICO Act legislation aimed at the Mafia. They were more than willing to provide offshore help.

LBJ was making tons of money from the Brown-Root connections in the Vietnam War and hated JFK. This was the power of the Mil. / Ind. Network to control and corrupt even the office of president of the US. LBJ was the high level inside man, who set up the Warren Report cover. This is the same power to corrupt connected to Cheney and Texas Oil's Halliburton / Kellogg, Brown, and Root today.

In 1963, things changed as the Vietnam Confederate Air Force that shuttled supplies for Brown-Root came back loaded with hard drugs. The Mafia, which once ran only alcohol and women, began dealing hard drugs. The CIA also became involved in drug dealing of all sorts and the once tame world of the US became enthralled in even more chaos.

These were the results of deals between the CIA, the Mafia, Oak Ridge, and the Mil / Ind Networks. The chaos was needed to distract the citizens from the Govt. corruption, to help conceal the JFK mess, drag the US into deeper Vietnam Conflicts, and to confuse the American public on the problems of worsening health effects connected to atmospheric testing and environmental pollution.

These are the histories and the other studies that went into the ideas for HAARP, the discoveries on AIDS, and the experiments on chemtrails. This is the real level of corruption in our Gov't. Oak Ridge has gotten away with murder and they wanted to try one more even more colossal scheme to cover up the fluorides health issues. In the process their oil and pharmaceutical buddies could get rich.

They would not disclose the real issues behind AIDS and allow entire continents to die off, while making money selling expensive retro-viral pharmacy. They'd toss out condoms as prevention and use this to curb the rising population rates. They know that population growth is directly tied to pollution and the worsening of the environment.

These are some of the big picture perspectives for why the chemtrails are happening. There is reason for concern based upon the reckless past actions of the national security linked persons. These difficult times we are in now have come about because of abuse of security by the US Govt. and the office of the president. They have taken their human experimentation from the equatorial jungles of the 1930's and now do human experiment spraying above the heads of the entire nation. Should we expect their secrecy methods to have outcomes any better than those for the jungle natives?

Will American's become 'Aliens' in their own country, or should they all waked up and take back America from racketeering thugs? As we approach the July 4 Independence Day this year, these issues should weigh heavily on everyone's minds.

As the Govt. has violated everyone in the US by both concealing fluorides toxic effects and then medicating most of the US citizens and their animals, I am proposing one big item for reparation. The US must provide nationalized health care for every person in the US, and step up to the same standards of care as all other first world countries with nationalized health. There are other obvious reparations, like the criminal human experiment and war crime prosecution for all involved in this process.

Let us remember this quote: "The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic State itself. That, in its essence, is Fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a group or by any controlling private power." -FDR

In the US today, we have the GOP and president owned by a corporate America that has abused its power and hidden major health issues and used hiding their information to make vast profits. This is an act of treason against the American People, as many of these wealth interests are outside the US. The American Govt. has been abducted from the People of the US.

There is a saying in the entrance foyer of the CIA HQ's that says: "The Truth Will Set You Free." This is very true and the American people need to learn the truth and that truth needs to jail and remove freedom from some crooks using the JFK inspired RICO Act.

Let us all come to say: Set My People Free !!

================ Part VI Weapons =====================

Star War's "Extra-terrestrial" knowledge base, Tunguska, extreme energy systems

I hope many of you have enjoyed the basic issues about how chemtrails came into being and how they are so closely related to nuclear and Star Wars systems. Most all the concepts arose from looking at small scale electronic component analogues and applying the concepts to air and space. The ideas for barium came from PM-tubes and the idea for ferrite super-magnet Ferrite-Ba-Ti came from microwave waveguide circulator components. Similarly, these additives to air came from semiconductor type doping analogues.

The atmosphere of this planet can be modeled as a dielectric, whose leakage and breakdown potentials set the maximum voltage between capacitor plates. The charge is delivered from the Van-Allen effects. The gradient can be modified in zones by the doping of the atmosphere with photoelectric metals that modify its' conductivity and redistribute the charge at lower altitudes. This effect modifies storm energies and weather.

These ideas arose from my college post-grad education training in radiation damage for semiconductors and high temperature electronics connected to reactor research at ORNL. The ideas for the "Potential Gradient" came from the early work of Tesla, who wanted to tap this potential for energy. This knowledge of weapons testing in air, the potential gradient, how to modify it, and high power LASER'S comes under the category of "Extra-terrestrial" knowledge in the Star Wars realm. Even the testing of humans in a 1947 White Sands test was about an extra-terrestrial test of a nuclear weapons effects in the atmosphere on live humans from the S. Am. Equatorial Zone.

It was the war crimes element that originally caused the national security classification of these human experiments involving extra- terrestrial bomb testing. This gave these projects their code name within the DOE and Star Wars. It is this same corrupted classification process that is behind all the cover ups on the chemtrails human and environmental experiments. Everything from the cooking of little natives and blacking their eyes from the bomb flash to the issues of chemtrails and Star Wars involves the extra-terrestrial classification and code name term.

The two bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were both atmospheric bomb tests, because the US basically preserved these two cities to study the effect. All the other Japanese Cities were being fired bombed into nothing. These bombs killed 100,000's or people and the effects linger today. It was about making a statement of power to the world. The US did not even flinch in the killing of these women and children and likewise it did not even flinch in the experiments on natives taken from jungles. The US has done no better than the Japanese and German human experiments, they have been much worse.

The third atmospheric nuclear test above White Sands showed the dangers of the radiation flash of a hundred Sun's to humans at close range and it also demonstrated what radiation damage does to plastics. Radiation damaged plastic is called "Mylar," which is well known for it tendency to retain its form and snap back into shape. Most all the little jungle natives that were deformed from chemical tests and nuclear tests are gone, except for the reports that are stored behind "special access project" classification stashed at places like Area 51. Their nickname or code in the extraterrestrial projects world is called "Aliens" or "Alien Experiments." It is about concealing murder using classification.

My training in plasma physics came from a Soviet Russian named Igor Alexiff. Alexiff and the Russians appear to be quite far ahead of the research on plasma effects. The Russian's invented the process called MHD, and it was via this Russian scientist that I learned of these techniques. Alexiff has many patents on plasma techniques including a plasma jet process that the military uses to neutralize satellites or make them undetectable with ground RADAR's. My later experience in Plasma science came from the ORNL Fusion Energy work. Lots of experiments using LASER's, microwaves, and high energy beam injectors--- -all of it applicable to Star Wars type systems.

I came to note in the mid-80's that the Earth's magnetic field set up the same conditions as for MHD power generation systems. That these charge currents in the upper ionosphere set up the conditions for powering the jet steam. This lead to HAARP experiment designs to study these effects and to look at methods to tap this free energy from the Sun. This lead to other basic discoveries including the ones for Star War's "Excalibur" and the Tunguska blast effects.

In the 1980's, all the national labs were interested in the Star Wars concept and the extremely high powered X-ray and IR chemical LASER's. The effects of these systems on the atmosphere were important to consider. High powered LASER's have the capacity to ionize the air, via photo and temperature effects. Recent studies in Japan have shown that LASER's can set up pathways for lighting. Lighting forms from an ionization path in air creating UV light and then more ions leading to the massive discharge for displaced charges in the atmosphere. IR LASER's cause this via heat and UV LASER's via direct ionization.

We have seen that things like Barium can be ionized by rocket fuels and by UV light. Similarly, when large meteorites enter the Earth's atmosphere ions and a plasma path are created, from the ionosphere to the ground. This effect can set off a massive discharge of the Earth Potential gradient capacitor effect. The effect can be like a 100 H- bombs going off in the atmosphere from trillions of amps of current being fired. This is the effect that one of the largest meteorites that high Tunguska Russia in 1908 is thought to have set off. This is why there are little meteor fragments and little crater effects, but a huge air blast effect.

This effect is also a problem with Star Wars techniques, as firing LASER's into atmosphere at high power densities can set off these same discharge effects. This is part of the fear from these space based weapons systems. Some think HAARP can also causes these effects. HAARP alone can cause some potential well effects and attraction of charges in the atmosphere, but unlikely this type effect. The only way the atmosphere extreme energy system works without destroying the platform is from space.

Teller's Star Wars systems can lead to even worse weapons than the hydrogen bomb, via tapping into the Sun's energy charging methods for the ionosphere. A space based LASER system can level a city with a high power density LASER burst into the atmosphere above a city. This effect delivers little radiation, but the air blast of a 100-1000 H-bombs detonated above a city. This is where the extremes of the Star Wars project can lead. The barium techniques used in the ionosphere have direct application for this system. This is part of the reason the Russian's backed down from the cold war's mutually assured destruction from Reagan's Star Wars threats. This was my contribution to the Star Wars systems designs. I have the ranking most powerful weapon system design in Star Wars that literally taps the power from a Star.

My colossal weapons invention was to notice that the Enormous Earth Potential Gradient and the upper ionosphere was analogous to a huge Van de Graff Generator, which could be triggered to discharge to the ground with all the effects of a huge free electron LASER and potentially level an area the size of New Jersey. The trigger is the same as the spark that makes UV in your car's ignition system, just on a larger scale using a high power LASER. My system literally tapped into the power of the Sun and its charge stored in the Earth atmosphere dielectric. I also solved the mystery behind the Tunguska Blast in 1908.

My discoveries on how meteor ion trails can cause huge energy discharges from the atmosphere set off the projects on "Terminal Event" investigations by LANL and other labs. My discoveries found some interesting issues for planet destruction weapons effects.

My studies on the atmosphere effects shut down the cold war. The cold war was coming apart in 1988 and the Berlin Wall fell in Nov 1989. The US and Russia shifted from the insanity of making more nuclear bombs to taking them apart. My studies on HF shut down the K-25 gas diffusion plant. The DOE is turning the leaking poison gas plant into a Greenfield. My studies also solved the basic issues on the cause of AIDS in 1985. My studies on the End-Times and Revelations aspect are pointing the way toward a kinder and gentler time. The hidden science is being revealed and the scientific messages learned are independent of religions. This can go a long way toward ending terrorism and religion nationalism effects.

I was also involved in the issues of nerve gas and suggested nerve gases made with select chemical elements substituted with short lived isotopes. This made for nerve gas whose molecular bonding would disintegrate in a few days making them harmless. This new generation nerve gas was much more potent than the existing chemical versions. This too appears to have ended the need for nerve gas warfare, and these stockpiles are being destroyed. Some destruction methods use incineration [Utah, Alabama], which emits fluorides. The best methods use chemical destruction [Kentucky] in closed cells.

I had succeeded in becoming one of the best of the nuclear scientists and discovered a weapon that was even worse than the H-bomb. I found this not to be the direction for which the world should be moving, or myself. I had become more a destroyer of worlds, as Oppenheimer quoted from the "Gita." I sought to change this, and it began with turning against the serious violations in the national security system. The better ways became dismantlement of weapons, trust between nations, and truth to the nation's peoples. The US and Russia were tearing down weapons as a result of my overkill weapons inventions and it was time for this to turn around. The DOE continues cleaning up and cutting emissions slowly and this is good. The world needs to realize that more in not better from chemicals and curb these emissions. That is, IF the world is to survive.

A cleaner world will cut illness and also slow the population growth that is spurred by pollution. The ultimate good and the intention of the "Magnum-Opus Project" is to set down the roadmap for the revelations and guiding the world into becoming a united people, with change for the better in religion's nationalistic problems. The pathway is to have science collide with religion for open enlightenment of all the peoples of the world. Have all decide that waging peace is the better solution.

I found that to be the top weapons type in the world, you also had to become part of the most corrupted organizations upon the planet. Being in the elite inner circle of the nuclear weapons business with DOE's top Q-clearance makes you part of a click, an evil Cabala, or Mafia that covers up human experiments, murders, war crimes, managers that intentionally harmed workers, and a system designed to retaliate. Their Q-clearance process must make them Gods to so violate all the laws of the planet. The real answer is it makes them partners with Satan and rulers for a hell. I did not want to be a part of this cover-up and set off to expose it. I also did not want to be known for the worst weapons, when being the promoter of peace is the better and right way.

The Russian's had been shifting toward a waging peace type cold war mechanism for a number of years before Star Wars then this made this trend even stronger. Today, Russia and the US have torn down the Berlin Wall and ended the Cold War, but the Bush foreign policy directions and single superpower is making all the world have concerns. The lies Bush told to set off the Iraq War have been extreme, and even more extreme was opening the door for 911 to happen to launch the PAX-America new world order. This entire process was planned at ORNL in the mid-80's.

If one applies the simple black box theory toward this process one can see all the makings for one last huge war between the US allies and others like China and Russia. The Bush Doctrine is driven by pure corporate greed and deceit, toward both American Citizens and the people of the world. Bush is looking like the new Hitler plan and the antichrist rolled into one. The Bush Agenda even suppresses all the basic information linked to that connected to the return of Christ and his visions from the Old World.

As we head for another Independence Day, let us all think about these issues and the corruption in our Govt. We need to clean house at home and not plunder and abuse the rest of the world based on corrupted industry mistakes. We have those that have engaged in racketeering and murder in the very highest levels of our Govt., who abuse all our world via corrupted classification methods. This secrecy has given rise to Imperialism, loss of separation of church and state, suppression of science and religion, setting up health plaques, and massive profiteering from chaos and pollution.

Common sense and the simple truth needs to return to the US and the minds of its citizens, as we all need to start the process of the RICO Act to take these high ranking persons out of our Govt. Remember, that true freedom can only be obtained from the truth process. It is essential in any Democracy.

This collection of notes is now part of the DOEWatch Web Page, so make sure to help pass around the URL to others:

Sincerely, Jim Phelps, ORNL / DOE / DOD Whistleblower

================ Part vii The Deceits ===================

The Big Picture--veils of secrecy abused by Congress and Presidents-- Rapture

The truth about "Chem-Trials" continues to spread like a wild fire of electrons across the Internet. Many persons tend to know the truth when they hear it, and all should pass it around. Lets take a look at what "they" knew and when "they" knew it. It took seven days to make the world and it may only take one to destroy it.

The first indicators that fluorine is a problem were seen in the early 1900s when the German IG Farben company invented nerve gases. IG Farben came up with the methylated phosphoric poisons, German scientists then attached fluorine atoms. The methylated chemicals are pulled into the nervous system, and this is the chemical "vectorization" process that made this a nerve gas. This chemical was the organophosphate, OP, class of insecticides, which interfered with the cell phosphorylate process and locked up G-protein switches in the acetylcholinesterase, AChE, process. Farben's scientists knew early on that the high electronegativity of the fluorine atom would stick to these G-protein binding sites and lock them irreversibly. Hence, the deadliest nerve gases were born of the fluorine atom's special effect.

The fluorine effect is so permanent within the cell G-protein's binding that it cannot be released. So, the only way to protect a cell in the nerve system from this compound is to pre-treat or pre-bind these G- protein sites with other chemicals. This is how the pyridostigmine bromide, PB, effect came into extensive use in the late 1980's, due to my discoveries on the electronegative effects of fluorine on G-protein sites. I recommended the use of PB as a blocking agent against fluorine nerve gases. PB is a nerve cell seeking hormone that acts on the same channels and blocks the acetylcholinesterase, AChE, process. The lesser electronegative bromine attachment allows a reversible binding site block.

This simple knowledge about fluorine's electronegative effects set up the look at other G-protein effects and this turned up fluoride-metal complex effects. The big three for these effects in Oak Ridge were the aluminum, beryllium, and mercury types. Via a process similar to how iodine pills are used to protect from the dangers of I-131 nuclear power plant accident or bomb releases, the idea for Titanium was born. The G-protein binding sites depend on critical bonding angles and the size of the atoms is important. Titanium metal complex with fluoride neutralized its G-protein effect. This became a simple compound method of pretreatment to compete with the destructive fluoride-metal complexes. The titanium-dioxide method could be used to spread titanium about the entire US using jet fuels burning from planes.

The titanium and aluminum oxide particle methods system could be placed on planes in the grey water compartments where tanks store the compound and fuel mixers gated on with altitude to make the white trails. The airline program that did this was called "Project Cloverleaf," and was named after the road that I once lived on and connected to fig leaves coving shame. The combination meaning good fortune and connected to the Garden of Eden's problems with poisons in the food chain. The fuel mixtures were patterned after the related chemical technology from the Ethyl Corp. to making lead gasoline additives. Lead is now banned in the US and these corporations have new compounds from which to profit. This is how the chemtrail system is hidden on domestic planes.

This was this principle pharmaceutical like effect that resulted in the air pharmacology method. The white particle effects could be extended using other compounds, like aluminum oxide, to cause reflection of a few percent of the Sun's energy to compensate for global warming temperature effects on the weather and storm energies. Today, the use of jet planes with the Al-O and Ti-O effects are in wide use about the US and other countries. The idea was intended as a time buffer to make needed changes in the energy processes of the country, but the moneychangers in the White House are abusing the idea. It is these Bush linked interests that now engage in Racketeering against the citizens of the US and the world.

The titanium simple compound effect in "air pharmacology" is highly directed at protecting the health of animals, as the fluoride effects on animals always jump to humans. The animals that eat hay need to be protected from the fluoride fallout from industry and energy sources. This keeps down effects like mad cow and other illness like Rift Valley fever that blow in on the winds from Africa. The effect is like the "Noah's Ark" for the industrial disease era of today. Viruses often activate in animals from little polluted zones in China and then jump to humans with similar fluoride damaged immunity and these become the health plagues linked to varied flu's each year. The same process happened for HIV from monkeys to humans in the Congo area and other places. The titanium competition effect is used to control varied pathogen outbreaks over large areas, by modulation of the immune system's performance. HIV infectivity often paces the use of vaccines with aluminum ! used as an adjuvant and mercury used as a preservative.

It was the ignorance of vaccine makers putting aluminum and mercury into vaccines that set up the AIDS crisis in Africa. The East African Rift zone is highly polluted with fluorides and this causes many illnesses. The vaccine companies went into these areas and vaccinated and damaged the population via the G-protein effects of fluorides and metals. G-proteins were not well known in these times, first being found in the 60's and then winning the Nobel Prize in 1994. One of the main cases for the chemtrails is to cover up this health damage the pharmaceutical vaccine companies did to these countries and to the world.

The basic science and causation for this has long been known. The German IG Farben company was broken up after World War II and became some of the biggest chemical, pharmaceutical, and petroleum companies in the world. Today, 60 percent of drugs made use G-protein binding site effects on cells. The extensive use of fluoride based fluxes for the aluminum used in airplanes made this process one of strategic metals importance. Later, fluorine became of even more significance for the production of bomb uranium for the atomic bomb. The issues of secrecy and national security extended a cloak over the problems with rising levels of fluoride in the environments of the US and the world.

It was the IG Farben company that linked highly to Hitler's war machine and it also linked to US interests tied to the Bush family and their money. So, the cover up of the fluorides health effects connect right to the liabilities of two presidents of the US, and also to GOP interests in the AMA and pharmaceutical domains. In ever sense of the word here, money and power corrupt absolutely.

After daddy Bush left the CIA he went to work for a pharmaceutical company named "Eli Lilly," and this is the company that founded a proliferation of fluoride drugs, like Prozac, to attempt to profit from the low level effects of fluoride-metal complexes in the environment by modifying the G-protein effects linked to fluorine. Eli Lilly also had lots of CIA connections and made the drug LSD for the CIA linked "mind control projects" and the first "Cocaine." Again, this is all G-protein research. This is how fluorides connect to "mind control" and "MK Ultra" issues of Sydney Goettlieb. Fluoride's G-protein effects on the brain are the basis for brain-wash techniques.

It is these connections that are linked to how the CIA and its "spooks" harass persons. The CIA method called "no-pest-strip" uses LSD in a low temp wax base placed on a target persons clothes to make persons go paranoid from their enhanced sensory perception. This is connected to the death of Forrestal when he was looking at the human experiments issues of the nuclear testing and Area 51. The CIA and spooks also use Freon burned in cars ahead of persons releasing HF and fluoride compounds linked to anesthetics to make accidents from persons falling asleep. This is what killed Karen Silkwood. It is also the suspected tricks used in the tunnel that resulted in the death of Princess Diana over her conflicts with the Queen of England on landmines. Recall that Diana was going to marry a Saudi, and that the Saudi's have the site of the Moses crossing and the real Mt. Sinai. Diana was going to reveal some secrets that Bush and the Queen did not want known. These peop! le get dangerous and ruthless over their money and control.

The Freon burn techniques are also used in a system called "Dark Star" and it is one of the non-letal chemical techniques to control persons or entire armies. Dark Star is an airborne technique for the Freon harassment used by the Spooks. Dark Star and its name were also my invention. Dark Star is also a RADAR and Sound stealth. It is almost silent, but for a very low rate thump noise. Dark Star uses a noise cancelled pulse jet design with vectored exhausts into its vanes or into an annular smoke ring propagation to a single target. Dark Star can confuse and slow Armies, much as how Hitler was confused and slowed and how the Egyptians were overcome in the Red Sea. Dark Star offers tactical advantage. Spin off for Dark Star are the Predator series being run from Area 51. Dark Star has been used in harassment of US Citizens and is hereby declassified and many of its operators will be going to jail for treason.

The issues of hypnosis even link to the G-protein methods, as persons to be hypnotized are exposed to a chemical that blocks their cognition. Similar methods with fluoride cause long lasting neural network damage and are used in brain-washing techniques to make persons forget what they know. A low level of this type effect is happening on the US population to keep it dumbed down. It is a mind control method from the halls of the CIA and Eli Lilly. These are the methods of the corrupted Bushes. The problem with fluorine is its electronegativity. This element with the highest electronegativity causes the G-protein binding sites to not be clearable and the chemical stability of Freon. When things like nerve gases decompose or drugs like Prozac decompose, the fluoride residues tend to reform into fluoride metal complexes that attack the G- protein system again. This is especially dangerous when aluminum and mercury are also very prevalent. It is this principle effe! ct that drives all illnesses in the world, sets the aging of man, and controls the issue of longevity and eternal life. The Freon losses had to be controlled by legislation shutting down the source terms and the fossil fuels emissions health effects compensated by air pharmacology methods. The root of the problem can only be fixed by dealing with the source term for all fluorides in the environment with pathways into animals and man. The health effects from the fluoride-metal complex G-protein signal system is severe in Oak Ridge. It sets up a low level nerve gas damage in workers and communities. One of the ways to self-assess fluoride effects on the nervous system is to pay attention to the rates of "muscle twitching" in the body. Muscle twitching is directly related to the G-protein binding sites being damaged by the fluoride-metal complex. The same effects happen with sarin, soman, DDT, PCB, mercury, etc. As the effect gets worse i! t makes for jitteriness and almost Parkinson's like motions. As the n erve cells become more affected, peripheral neuropathy starts and numbness in limbs. As it progresses, back pain, loose of power in limbs, shuffle gate, and worse problems set in. One can see the process for the root of the damage for ALS, MS, and how concentrations of these fluorides in the brain cause Parkinson's syndrome. The immune system will begin to fail and sinus infections develop and fatigue will set in. Lower back pain and joint pain will set in. These are all directly connected to the retention of the fluoride-metal complex in the body causing low level nerve gas like illness in the population.

The very same fluorine chemical practice mistakes that damaged the ozone shielding also became the same chemical that damaged the brain barrier shielding leading to all manner of nervous and immune system illnesses. The national security connected to the Manhattan Project had truly become the "destroyer of worlds." It now becomes a matter for God and all the citizens of the world to correct. Judgement Day, Freedom Day, and Independence Day has arrived.

It is this corporate greed and racketeering that are the basis for the "false profit" issues of the Bible forecasts. We have discussed often the Icon symbolism's from the Bible and the symbolism from national security project naming, as they are similar. We have a new "Noah's Ark" fending off the fluoride health effects on animals, so as not to have their rampant illnesses jump to man. We have these treatments raining down from the "heavens" carried by the same "chariots of fire" that lead to these problems. The "chariots of fire" being the aluminum planes that are made with fluoride fluxes that are so very well known for damaging crops and animals. These issues are the net effect for the "Christ Second Coming" predictions of "Revelations." It is the theme for the "End-Times" and the ending of all great wars.

The spider web texture for the titanium is intended for two things, suspension time in air to block UV and increase the dispersion. The web texture is also to keep it up on top of the grass that animals eat. This puts it into the cows and other grass eating animals diet and avoid washing into the ground. One can see this material often using a black light, or UV light, at night and it shows up all around. This method is being used to cover up the problems. For cows and other animals, just adding Ti to the food chain would be much easier. It would also have kept the UK and other countries from having extreme damages to their cattle industries.

I suspect the new version for the Noah's Ark Icon must be shown with the boat coming to rest on the White House, in place of the largest land mass volcano in the world named Mt. Ararat [Gen. 8:4] If we can manage to control the global warming effects the world flooding won't go to 290 ft. from the melting of the polar ice caps. There is going to be a pressing problem due to global warming having many positive feedback effects that set off volcanic effects. This can trip sudden worsening of global warming beyond our control. This effect is already beginning. It is only via world cooperation and the issues for the world becoming one again that these problems can be avoided. Keyoto's protocol is a necessity, not an option.

At this point all should understand the universal message from the Virgin Mary Icon. Mary's icon uses the snake symbol, just like the AMA's caduceus. Her simple message is control the pollution sources. There is a limit to how many toxic insults humans can bear and that pharmacy methods can mitigate. Today, we are using many of the secrets from the "Arc of the Covenant." This in an effort to restore order from chaos, to reclaim heaven from hell. This icon message drove the DOE clean up decisions and it is also the basis for Keyoto.

The other "Icon" coming into view may make the "Holy Trinity" the understanding of how three large fault zones intersect in the heart of the Middle East. The traditional Trinity symbolism is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, which means simply God, Son of God-Jesus, and the Holy Ghost--the methods of the poison mists. Those that know this inner secret also know this is how the CIA's spooks got their Ghost related name. They use these methods to control things. The LSD no pest strip technique and the Freon burn in cars are two of their mainstays of these methods.

It is the understanding of how these toxic effects from volcanoes and fault zones contribute to the issues of violence and wars that is the key to human evolution toward peace. The Middle East is highly affected by fluorides in the environment and this causes the same sort of violence side effects as being noted from fluorinated drugs. It is Déjà vu that often the Jesus Icon is shown as he coming from the light of the Sun, and the artist's paint for this white light is made from titanium dioxide. It was the understanding of the Sun's shielding process that lead directly to the issues of air pharmacology and weather control, and to the Revelation's issues of Christ's second coming.

Perhaps the three line Y-intersecting peace symbol is yet one more Icon symbol for the Trinity and its link to the biosphere. It was clear early on in Oak Ridge, that these issues of Christ were directly related to Environmentalism. It sent fear through Oak Ridge and other polluters that the biggest issue for religion was coming down to the issues of environment and health. This process, when it made the light of day, would spell the end for their greed, false profits, and racketeering.

It is the greed and falsehoods that are driving this latest war from the corrupted White House and GOP linked industries. Here we find the Mil / Ind Network causing wars for its own purpose. At the heart of the Mil / Ind Network is the Carlyle Investors group, where daddy Bush sits on the board. Via manipulation of partial truths seeded into the world's mindset, this group is able to control the world and wars. This group not only controls the issues of environment and health, it is also trying to control issues linked to religions End-Times and Second Coming. They have become the definition for the "Antichrist," and their doomed train speeding down the tracks under the control of engineer GW Bush. It is the Methodist Church that is laying the tracks for the Bush train wreck and boosting the corruption of religion. The Methodist Church is one of the worst in the world to worship money and avoid the truth. The Methodists are into window dressing and not truth. ! All the Bishops of the Methodist church should be required to go on permanent mission to the countries of Haiti and Ethiopia for eternal penance for what they have caused to happen to these peoples. The performance level of these Bishops that support the antichrist is only useful in these highly health damaged countries. The Methodist Bishop's have fostered a plague upon the planet and not acted in the interest for God and Christ.

GW Bush exhibits a megalomania worse than Hitler's, as he seeks to control these issues. The peoples of the world fear this machine, a hydra forced upon the world. Bush has gone so far as to say God told him to strike Saddam, and to recite the Servant Song of the Bible, as did Christ. There is little doubt that we have located the antichrist for today and his evil plans for world domination. We can see the fear build in the world as countries like China prepare for the US conflict, and they will likely be joined by Russia and Europe.

It is well known that US industrialist Henry Ford started what became the Jewish holocaust via a pamphlet he had printed about control of the money system, which the Nazi's and Hitler endorsed. This lead to the taking hostage and killing of millions of Jews. Bush is doing a similar mass killing via keeping the health effects of fluoride on the immune system suppressed and using the titanium methods to control it in the US and some other areas. The US doing mass medication is intended to keep the fluoride problem off the table of openness. Bush is essentially using viral outbreaks due to fluoride's immune system damage and mass attrition to kill off major landmasses of populations. A prime example is Africa and soon will be India and China. Bush and his megalomanical network are committing mass genocide type effects to do population control. He is then placing a Eli Lilly person that makes AIDS drugs in charge of the HIV issues. Bush exceeds Hitler's atrocities ! by orders of magnitude.

Bush has an alliance with the UK and Israel that is forcing these effects. If these corrupted alliances should break into a nuclear war, the world weather effects will suddenly worsen beyond any hopes for control. The highly destructive End-Time scenario will take place. On the other hand, if we can act to wake up the world, speak the truth in all places, this end-times war can be averted and the world settled into a kinder and gentler time. It is our choice in the world, as to how we proceed forward. There is a high road to heaven and a low road to hell, and it is a global and joint binding decision for all peoples of the world.

This is such a simple decision to make, once the truth is laid on the table for the world to behold and consider. This is the time of the quickening, the time for the rapture. It will be a critical juncture in the history for humans on this planet. We must rise above the process of money setting world good and into a time where decisions for good can be based on truth and not upon deceit and treachery. I made the decision long ago to go for the greater good, and this is the idea for all national security processes. It is also the main theme behind God, God and country, and God and Good. Let us move forward in productive directions, as this word of truth continues to move around the Internet. It takes many days to make the world work and only one to destroy it.

Sincerely, Jim Phelps, DOE / DOD Whistleblower

================= Part viii The Plagues ====================

Chemtrails and their relation to the discovery of AIDS mechanism

The interest in how chemtrails works continues to build on the Internet. The interest in what they are intended to do also is building. Many have correctly sensed that it would indeed take something big to cause the Govt. to need to do these things and cover them up with secrecy. There are some big reasons that are coming into view: the illness relationships to fluoride, G-proteins, fluoride-metal synergism's, and rise in illnesses from this effect. Let us look at the main reason for chemtrail methods. There is a large reason the Govt. is doing things like putting aluminum seeds in the atmosphere that act like hygroscopic municipal water plant materials to settle pollutants. A reason to also put similar barium materials into the air, with hygroscopic effects that also form acid and water vapor collection that promotes Mie scattering over large areas of the US, other countries, and oceans. Then, also putting titanium in the mix. The reasons are in part to contr! ol CO2 global warming due to coal emissions, and in large part to offset the pollution induced illnesses from fluoride, using air pharmacology.

The jet fuel and airline industry favor the fuel mixable aluminum alcohol de-icing fuel additive, because it pulls the acids from the air that corrosion damage the aluminum skinned airplanes. This became a whole new jet fuel with an additive that helped slow the corrosion of the plane's skin. This jet fuel additive appears to be connected to the jet fuel health effects seen at the Naval Air Station in Falon, Nevada where kids are coming down with high rates of leukemia. Arsenic and fluoride appears also involved. The JP-8 fuel is directly connected to T-cell suppression, like that of fluoride-metal complexes.

The new JP-8 fuel with metalized alcohol deicers would allow jets to fly at higher altitude with fuel gelling or fuel water contamination freeze and this would allow the metal particles the longest fall time exposure in the atmosphere. The military's strato-tankers could add even more deicer compounds for their very high altitude missions. One the aluminum seeds formed the huge white clouds, the lofting could continue for long periods.

The public knows things in the environment are bad, when the storm energies are so destructive these days, global warming is real, the ice at the poles is beginning to melt for the oceans rise, and huge health plagues grip the planet. The big secret is things are very bad and it's coming from things like coal burning. The US is doing global compensation methods to alter these damaging effects on the environment.

The health effects come from things like little polluted areas in China with coal pollution spawn the new strands of flu each winter, as animal virus jump to man and spread around the globe. Worse patterns are beginning from pollution zones in Africa now and these will all become worse as the animal and human immunity is damaged in more areas.

In the early 80's, the issue of HIV was coming into view. HIV started in far away places in the Congo and today some of the worst affected places are in Africa. Africa has some of the worst endemic fluorides poisoning areas on the planet. It was the illnesses of these regions that attracted the interests of vaccine methods in the 50-60's. Vaccine programs are being accused to starting the HIV epidemic, but the causation is a little off the mark.

The problem with vaccines is the use of Al as an adjuvant and Hg as a preservative. Once one knows about the mechanism of G-proteins and the destructive fluoride metal synergism one can see that vaccine applied to these areas would cause a disaster. The vaccine fluoride-metal synergism effect damaged this areas immune health and laid the pathway for HIV transmission and infection. The fluoride-metal G-protein binding is permanent and cumulative.

I found this effect at ORNL in the 1986 timeframe in looking at the health mechanism for beryllium and the G-protein mechanism. This mechanism matched a great deal of the illness patterns we were seeing in the Oak Ridge nuclear plant workers. This became the discovery for the illness transmission for the HIV virus. It is now a pandemic. Since the cause and effect is known, it is also a US Govt. sponsored plaque.

My discovery that the G-protein effects of fluoride-metal complexes caused the AIDS epidemic set off a national emergency. The fluoride- mercury synergism in particular killed T-cells, disabled antigen presenting cells, and promoted cytokine TNFa, and this was the root of AIDS and why HIV proliferates.

The Oak Ridge Nuclear plant's workers did not seem to be highly affected by the fluoride-uranium effect because the large uranium atom did not match the fluoride-beryllium binding effect for G-protein cell sites. This caused the look at titanium as a protection effect against the destructive fluoride-metal synergism. This effect could work so well that it could be used to stabilize the HIV epidemic in the US. To do this titanium would have to be designed into the food chain.

This effect together with the damage effects on the grass eating animals spawned the top secret air pharmacology techniques, which are now dubbed chemtrails. The powers in the Govt. wanted this way to hide many things from the health damage the vaccine companies caused to Africa that set off the HIV epidemic, to the cover up of the issues of mad cow and other rising pathogen effects in animals. The only way to control the animal illnesses was wide spread application of titanium to their food chain. This applied to both domestic and wild animals.

In the human food chain, the titanium compounds were placed in all manner of foods, vitamins, and medicines. This would offset the destructive fluoride metals effects being caused by coal emissions releasing things like fluoride and mercury. It would also help in the vaccine damages the vaccine programs had done to Americans. The chemtrails could blanket the US well due to many domestic jet flights, but the technique would not do well in helping Africa. Today, the use of the titanium invention has stabilize the spread of HIV in the US by stopping the harm to the immune system that allows the HIV infectivity. The problem, with the open application of these methods HIV can be stopped totally. Not only can HIV be stopped, but thousands of other related illnesses. The US condones a process of allowing this process to take lives to establish population control and for its pharmacy industries to make huge profits from death dealing.

The problem with HIV and fluorides is much like that seen with cocaine, which promotes the infectivity for HIV by 200 times. Cocaine uses G- protein factors to promote this effect. This effect played a role in the emergence of HIV from gay populations in the US that were using drugs. The difference with fluorides, is the effect builds over time. Fluorides tend to concentrate into the seminal tracts, which also worsens the HIV infection pathway. The public PR about HIV is promoted that the virus alone is the problem, and this is promoted to protect the drug companies liabilities and the energy production liabilities.

The oversight that caused the problem tracks the discovery for the G- proteins. G-proteins were only noticed in the 1960's and the discovery went on to win the Nobel Prize in 1994. This means the drug industry did not know the fluorides complexes with things like mercury and aluminum damaged the G-protein sites of cells permanently. It was this failing to find this effect that set off the HIV epidemic in Africa, and later in the US.

This is very wrong to cover up these factors. I call this process a war criminal related or Nuremberg Crime process. How wrong this is can be seen in the corruption of the White House in placing the Eli Lilly person in charge of the Govt. HIV programs. This is a racketeering process on a massive scale. Ely Lilly invented the mercury based vaccine preservative called "THIMEROSAL," which is also the method of making killed virus vaccines. The Eli Lilly company is who George Bush went to work for after leaving the CIA.

Mercury is the agent that kills the viruses to make killed vaccines, which is similar to how fluoride is the agent that kills the fermentation process for wines.

The White House's extensive connections to the pharmacy industry via persons like George Bush I using CIA type methods to cover up the huge liabilities of the vaccine makers is at the root of the problems. His corrupted son, Bush II, is at the root of sustaining the problem and putting the chemtrails program in full power when he took office. The problem with the US is that it has been taken over by corrupted persons that exceed that posed by Adolph Hitler. It is also déjà vu that these person's family history is well tied to these Hitler companies and methods.

This criminal issue is very serious and affects the core of the US Govt. from the White House Cabinet, the Joint Chiefs, and the lions share of the GOP Congress. They are acting as in illegal Cabala to make money from dealing death via deception of the citizens and the world. This is totally out of control, fueled by misuse of national security classification, half truths, and liabilities cover ups. The American citizens are in trouble and need the help of the world to help them overcome this massive evil. Consider the expose on chemtrails to be a "Mayday" distress call, an SOS, to help the dumbed-down American public. We need help in making this issue public and going after the criminal elements in the US Govt.

Part of what is fueling keeping the American public in the dark is the confusion being intentionally caused by the so called "Debunkers." Their intention to help these corrupted industries and Govt. types avoid having this huge problem exposed. The biggest and highest profile Gulf War debunker is one called Mike Fumento. He denies that the Vets are affected by a pattern of symptoms called Gulf War Syndrome. Gulf War Vets symptoms and those of DOE gas diffusion workers are extremely similar because they both stem from the same G-protein fluoride-metal complex causation. This damage vector explains the mechanism for damage in both groups of persons. There is a very real, and established by research, cause for the illnesses. This is contrary to the debunkers like Fumento that keep these sick veterans in health limbo. Debunkers use the methods of the old Pharos to keep the public fighting each other, and are the tentacles of Bush. It is these effects to conceal ha! rm that are the reason for my disapproval toward the larger debunker type community. Their intention is to use and promote information chaos and allow the problems to be concealed. This harms the US citizens, the veterans, and many in other countries. The definition for what these debunkers do is consistent with treason. A treason against the people that promotes the protection for the corrupted industries that cause health problems in the population. This threatens the viability of the country. It threatens our view by others in the world.

This process is the root of what is driving terrorism. Terrorism attacked airplanes that are used to do the chemtrail techniques and they also attacked the WTC symbol to promote this industry corruption and control around the world. The Bush family is hated by these religion based terrorism factions. It would appear they are more aware of what is going on in the US than the citizens themselves. The Bush empire is using and abusing the world in the cover up for AIDS causation and making their pharmacology corporations rich.

The terrorism bills are being used to protect these corrupted vaccine companies that set off these global health plagues. The 911 smokescreen was highly connected to saving Eli Lilly and covering up the HIV crisis cause and about oil. Playing up terrorism, chemicals and biologicals, is set up to save the drug companies and the AMA.

The Bush family is directly linked to the Arab Bin Laden family, whose son was a former CIA asset. Osama Bin Laden knows the methods of the CIA and of the Bush family history that is tied to all manner of illegal profiteering. It appears this is the religious foundation for the attacks on the US and the use of terrorism. The bottom line is the cover ups behind the chemtrails is what is causing the problems with terrorism against the US. This is a war between the rich assets and corruption tied the Bush industry concerns and the religions of Islam and Moslem that hate this level of deception. It has become a literal Holy War. It is a war that actually involves the issues of the End- Times, global plaques, dangerous weather, massive corruption, etc. It is the issues of the Revelations.

The Bush White House is loaded with religion types that are acting to cover up these factors.

The US is on the end of deception, cover up, and abuse of its citizens and the world, due to the corrupted operations of the Bush connections and industry. The other end of the Holy War is tied to exposing what is happening. Bin Laden is after the new US "Pharaoh," Bush. The issues are the same as they were in the old times of the "Pharaoh" attempting to enslave the Jews. The Holy War seeks to set the world free of these corrupted US practices that threaten the world and world peace.

To end terrorism, the US citizens must get to the bottom of these problems. Bin Laden is telling the world what the problem is with the "Pharaoh" comments. The citizens are going to have to learn what the issues are and become the new points of light, Pharos, to gain control from this abduction of their system of Govt. Pharos and Pharmacology are highly linked because the mining of gold and other metals started the methods of gold pharmacology in the Egyptian eras of 5,000 years ago.

Understanding the problems connected with chemtrails and what they are designed to do is also an essential part of understanding the reason for terrorism and the root of the Holy War. Most of the Middle East sees this as part of revelations and the US citizens are kept in a mental fog created by misleading corporate TV news, the spin of Washington, and the power of money to corrupt the US totally. The root of the problem is the US citizens need to clean house in their Govt., and get back to control by and for the people.

These are extremely serious problems, that the corruption of the national security system of the US has caused. The national security system of the US is being abused. National Security should not be used to harm the citizens of the US by not telling them the causation effects for HIV. National Security cover ups should not be used to provoke Holy Wars and take over countries based on this deceit. The people of the US are going to have to work together with other citizens of the world to take back control of these issues. It is this knowledge that well set all the peoples of the world free from this level of corporate corruption. It is this knowledge that can lay an end to terrorism and then turn the world toward a "kinder and gentler time."

Sincerely, Jim Phelps

============ Part ix Control Conspiracy =================

Chemtrails Summary--->DC's Racketeers

Many of you are learning about the methods and the chemistry behind making chemtrails, and your are learning about the G-protein health effect that drives the cover up. Your also learning about a US Govt. that is dominated by industry that has usurped the power of the people, in an all out process of corporate tyranny. Lets do a quick recap and summary.

Much of the discussion below involves the issues presented by persons like Univ. of Calif.'s Peter Duesburg about HIV and that of Emerging Viruses by Leonard Horowitz. G-protein is the factor that Horowitz omits in his books on Cancer Virus programs and the real cause for the HIV pandemic and why so many other pathogens are not being controlled by human and animal immune systems. Duesburg's reports on resistance to HIV are quite right and this is the process that shows how and why. This information will lay their debate to rest.

The basics of chemtrails is easy to understand. This was driven by the corrosion problems on airplanes from acids in the air from fossil fuels and the fact that jet planes were very early on connected to global warming problems by NASA. The solution was to put chemicals into the jet fuels to compensate for these effects. The invention of JP-8 in the late 1980's and their deployment in the early 1990's brought on these new methods by hiding these chemicals in the deicing agents for the fuel. The deicing agents were metalized alcohols, which helped keep the fuel from jelling and water in the fuel from icing at the cold high altitudes. The DOD's high flying strato-tankers use JP-8 with a much higher portion of the deicing additive and make denser, larger, and higher chemtrails.

The best example for the metalized alcohol's is the one with aluminum. Aluminum in the jet fuel seeds aluminum oxide into air which is loaded with sulfuric acid from coal burning. The aluminum oxide reacts with the acid and makes aluminum sulfate, which is hygroscopic and it picks up more water and acids to the point of causing Mie scattering. A very small amount of this material can seed the formation of a huge amount of clouds, and is easily carried in the plane fuels. Mie scattering is a wavelength independent and directional reflection effect that lowers global warming, just as normal cloud do. Aluminum sulfate is called alum and is the very same chemical used in water plant purification, except used in the air for this case. The aluminum in water plant use is connected to health problems.

The main key to chemtrails is understanding the G-protein effects on cells from the fluoride-metal complexes. The US Govt. has been hiding major health problems due to this effect and the way vaccines were made. Many vaccines are made with live viral agents that are killed with a compound called thimerisol. Thimerisol is a mercury compound that is used with killed vaccines that is injected into humans. When these killed vaccine methods were used in Africa, there was an extreme problem with fluoride pollution. This set up the G-protein fluoride- mercury complex that killed immune cells, particularly T-cells. The fluoride-mercury damage literally caused the T-cell mitochondria to shut down and explode, killing the T-cells.

When HIV jumped from monkeys to man, it spread through Africa like a wild fire. The human immune system had been killed by the vaccine mercury and the endemic fluoride in the area. This effect has been hidden by companies like Eli Lilly and their corporate leadership, which includes G. Bush (41). This continues today and is the root of why chemtrail methods using titanium are hidden from the public. The US Govt. and industries are going to extra ordinary lengths to conceal this from the American public and this is why all the news is controlled by large corporations.

The titanium chemtrail method is easy to understand once one knows how the fluoride-metal complex compounds bind to cell G-protein sites irreversibly. The only way to prevent this is to put a metal into the body to compete for the fluoride that won't form one of the destructive fluoride-metal complexes, such as fluoride-mercury. This is the basics of how titanium is used to control the rates of HIV infection in the US. HIV leveled off in the US in the mid-90's, while in Africa it affects 90 percent of the population. 9/10 of Africa will die from the HIV infection.

The very same pharmaceutical companies that set up the conditions that killed the African peoples immune systems are now the same ones that hope to sell these populations anti-viral drugs. Now Bush (43) comes along and puts the top person from Eli Lilly in charge of the US HIV program. He is helping daddy along with his massive cover up and his huge profits from dealing death to Africa. This is racketeering and tyranny on a scale never before seen, and crimes against humanity is the name of this deceit process. The US Govt.'s national security looks upon allowing this to happen and profit from it as population control, lowering the planet's population.

The US manages the issues of the G-protein driven mad cow effect with the titanium spraying from the air. This is why the US does not have these effects, while the beef industry in the UK has been virtually destroyed. The UK had visions of Hell from all the burning of contaminated cattle. The problem in the UK was the use of bone meal re- fed to cows. Bone meal is loaded with fluoride and metals. The UK banned bones in meat to compensate. Using bone meal to feed cows, to feed humans, or to fertilize plants for human consumption is a serious problem and needs to be avoided. The feeding of Pablum, with bone meal needs to be ended.

The problem even extends into the use of brain tissues, as the illness called Kuru from New Guinea is connected to eating brain tissues. Brain tissue is much like bone as the brain absorbs metals and fluorides over time. Human semen has the same effect, and can raise the retention of metals and fluorides. This is a problem for gay men, together with cocaine use, for HIV infectivity. This is why HIV hit the US in gay populations so strongly in large city bath houses. Cocaine acts on G- protein immune cell sites in ways similar to the fluoride-metal effects. Damage to G-protein sites even affect the sexual hormone maturation process.

For HIV, it is the seminal fluids that are rich in fluorides and metals. It takes lots of this cumulative chemical material to upset the local immune resistance of tissues. Then when the local immunity is suppressed, the sperm cells infected with HIV can pass the infection to another person. The use of condoms has slowed the spread of HIV, but the better knowledge about the real factors can also help put an end to HIV. The HIV scare and the campaign to use condoms is also about the campaign to curb population growth via fear of HIV infection. This is also an intentional population growth control tactic. This was also designed by Oak Ridge national security corruption.

It can be shown that US HIV infections began in large cities that supported the Bath House cultures, with the drugs combined with sex. This was mainly in New York and San Francisco. A look at the rates of HIV infection in the early 80's shows this pattern very clearly, which then spread across the US. Helping the gay community to understand this process and why to avoid certain factors will also help to end HIV. It can also help all those with the infection to better manage their health.

I happened to find these problems linked to fluoride by working for the fluoride chemical processing capital of the world in Oak Ridge. I was looking at the issues of fluoride and beryllium and found the G-protein effect. Then noticed this fluoride-metal complex immediately explained the problems of fluoride and mercury with CFS. Then, I notice the killed vaccine processes using thimerisol and the problems with fluoride-mercury killing T-cells came into view. This discovery quickly became an issue of national security for these DOE uranium plants and others.

Killed virus vaccines present dead antigens to the antigen presenting cells of the body to train the immune system to resist the live agent type infection. In the process of making killed virus vaccines it is nearly impossible for the excuses like green monkey HIV kidney viruses to be live in these vaccines. The vaccines have enough thimerisol contained to kill any live agent and is also called a preservative agent. All these claims on Govt. cancer virus programs infecting the population are bogus by definition of killed vaccine techniques. Killed virus vaccines with mercury involved appears to have even trained the antigen presenting cells to concentrate mercury.

In more detail, the Salk vaccines methods were killed or total inactivated virus vaccines and these are the ones given by needle injection. The Sabin vaccines were oral based and used weakened live viruses, which can be contaminated with endogenous viruses from the culture media. This has at times included HIV involved animals. In the case for damaged immune systems in East African countries from high levels of fluorides, the use of Sabin vaccines can cause infections and death. There appears a serious problem in the state of Uganda from this effect, as it appears neither the Salk or Sabin vaccines should be used. This is happening because the information on the G-protein damages are suppressed.

The use of a Salk type vaccine using radiation as the kill agent for the active virus may be more applicable. The vaccine should use no preservative or adjuvant agents using metals. EDTA would make a good preservative choice. Only killed vaccines should be used in areas like Uganda, and then only with the advanced techniques.

The discovery of how fluoride-metal complexes shut down the antigen presenting cells, killed T-cells, shut down macrophages, and biased the system to Th2 and IL-10 cytokine dominance put forth a whole new mechanism for what really caused HIV to proliferate. It changed all the theories on what caused the HIV epidemic, but was only available in select national security circles.

I have another paper at URL: "". Some of you wanting a better science review article on CFS and HIV might like to read this. This paper gets into the cytokine Th2 bias with the dominate IL-10 effect that shuts down the immune system's T-cells and macrophages. The chemtrail dialog is on URL: "". Pass them around. Around the world.

Oak Ridge, Tn. is a highly damaged area from the effects of fluorides. The plant workers are the image for Appalachia, slow and dumbed down. The Oak Ridge area is also the epicenter for the largest coal power generation in the world to supply the power hungry uranium plants. These emissions dump hydrogen fluoride and mercury into the air and dumb down the entire region of Appalachia. This is why this area has been so impacted for so long. It is the reason why the Govt. located these polluting plants in the middle of so much coal pollution, to help hide the fluoride-metal health effects. The US Govt. likes this effect on the population, as it keeps them from finding this catastrophic health effect.

These are the health processes, chemistry, and physics that drive chemtrail techniques and make it happen. There is one more effect connected to the political corruption in the US that makes this happen and worse. Bush (41) was tied to the CIA type dealing that set up the Cuban Missile crisis, then later with the assassination of JFK in Dallas over a resurgence of the Cuban plan. The CIA had long been using Mafia connections in other countries to kill off the persons the CIA and US did not like. This method was extended to the US. With the help of LBJ, it could all be covered up.

Was the CIA involved in all this? Not directly, just their methods were used by renegade persons like G. Bush (41) and Oak Ridge national security interests. Oak Ridge's DOE plants were involved as they originated and designed the plan to assassinate JFK. Oak Ridge later designed the plan to take over the US to hide the G-protein fluoride- metal complex problems. Again the same players involved as with the JFK assassination. The Bush Mil / Ind Network. They have used and abused the issues of national security and classification to pull off massive tyranny against the American people and the world.

These same type tactics are in play today for the cover up of these chemtrail connected liabilities. The entire 911 situation was cultivated and provoked to help these US drug corporations cover up the vaccine liability issues. 911 was used as the platform to protect the drug companies that caused the HIV pandemic. A bill to protect vaccine companies was quickly passed in the Congressional mayhem. Bills to protect utilities and water companies from the aluminum and fluoride health effects are also being quickly passed in legislation. This is the root of why 911 was allowed to happen.

The 911 attack was driven by small Islam and Moslem factions connected to Osama bin Laden. It was inflamed by the Israeli CIA like influence in the US to start an Arab / US conflict. This is why the so called "Israeli Art Students" were seen jumping up and down in joyous celebration just across the river from NYC after the 911 event. This escalated into the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions, which helped Israel.

The bin Laden religion groups don't like the corrupted US corporate methods that cover up planes being used to medicate the world and cover up the US corporations liabilities for the HIV crisis. Osama bin Laden used to work with the CIA and G. Bush (41). He knows their CIA methods well. His family has association, by wealth, to the Bush corporate empire. From these associations, bin Laden knew the US manipulations for profit taking from the damage they have caused is a problem.

The Osama bin Laden religion based group attacked the symbols of these processes using planes and the WTC. They attacked the US "Pharaoh's" largest cover up and its' center for international power and wealth. Each side in this Holy War now calls the other the terrorist. Meanwhile, Bin Laden is a hero in his countries and well protected. In the US, the Bush Empire is beginning to slide as Americans learn the real truth about what really triggered the 911 event. It was an inside job, much like the JFK assassination.

The Bin Laden group chose the date "911" on purpose for its spectacular attacks on the US because it means "Emergency" and it is a sign that would catch national security interests eyes. We have seen the message and all actions are in progress to address the issues of the US "coup d'etat." Rest assured that Bush and his gang will soon find prison as their home for life. The house of cards will soon fall. Keep in mind that the better way to win over Bush is to use the truth as a weapon, because violence only begets violence.

Bush is using methods just like the Pharos of Egypt to control the public. He is engaging in manipulation and control and causing fear and chaos to keep the people fighting each other. Both 911 and Iraq are victims of these methods. The Pharos also appeared to have learned the methods of Moses and used the same alchemical powers to manipulate on their peoples. The large pyramid topped with a Gold Dome suggests they well knew the supreme power that the Gold Pharmacy supplied to health and its dominion of the Gods of Death and Underground. Bush is also using this method by allowing these toxic's to rise in the environment and only selectively allowing others to know the secret. The Bush gangsters appear to have a secret pact with the Saudi King to keep the real path for the Exodus across the Gulf of Aqaba and to the volcano at Mt. Sinai. The Saudi's are highly invested with Bush via Carlyle Group and oil interests. This appears the reason for the Saudi royal fam! ily split with Osama Bin Laden. The Saudi's have taken down historic monuments and fenced the historic areas and placed them off limits. This conceals the issues behind Gold mining and the volcanic effects that started pharmacology and lead to the gold pharmacies for fluoride. This hides the great secrets of Star Wars and the closely associated chemtrials. This cover up directly precipitated 911.

There is some evidence to suggest that the Nazi's and Hitler also used these methods to promote Hitler. They certainly used the effect in their prisons to promote a more controllable population there. One of the properties for "hypnosis" is the use of a chemical to block the neuro-receptors and make the person more "suggestible" by blocking cognitive reasoning abilities. It works like senility, which causes the same in old persons. The effects of fluorides on populations cause the very same mind control effect. Bush is using these same methods as used by the Nazi's and the Pharos of Egypt to control the American public. However, the American Public is beginning to catch onto all the lies they have promoted, despite the mental deficits from the environments chemical effects.

This Govt. corruption has become a totally out of control mess in need of much fixing. One way to begin to fix all this is to return the power to the people of the US and take control back from the tyrant corporations, their Congressional supporters, and Bush. The way to do this is to tell all the citizens what has been happening on public lists and other methods that can bypass the corporation dominance of the news media. This is where the role of the chemtrail activists and others comes into play to help wake up the dumbed down America public, and to educate the citizens of the world.

I hope that many of you take this knowledge and use it wisely with this call to help. It is time for the US Govt. to return to that of one based on the criteria of "by and for the people," not one based in tyranny by corporation greed. The use of chemtrails and the exposure of their mechanisms point to the corruption in the seats of power of the US. The citizens of the US need to clean up these corruption processes, or it will cause more wars.

These are the real truths about what enabled the invention and use of chemtrails to pharmacologically treat the globe. The roots of chemtrails is about pure greed and power.

The second Manhattan Project for the environment has been in full swing for a long time now. It colors the skies with clouds to cool the planet, it envelops the persons with UV absorbers, and invades their very persons with G-protein pharmacy. The plan even vibrates the very Earth beneath their feet to ward off black plagues, modifies the charge in the atmosphere around the towns to reduce storm energies, and places a seal on any doctors or dentists discussion of the fluoride-mercury problems on Antigen Presenting Cell's. This plan silently and secretly put in place into a population lulled to sleep. Their very Govt. stolen from them by the Mil / Ind Network and few dare notice.

Their American system is killing continents and harvesting money. This is the awareness of the American citizen. The Americans watch as far away nations die and do nothing. It is a country that has lost its way, and where freedom is becoming just a fleeting memory. Can such a society based in so much deceit, with its' citizens so apathetic, ever be called free or be expected to peacefully coexist with real freedom counties? Should the shallow of truth religions in the US be called religion at all, when their partial truth preaching can only be called deception of the masses. Should such a society be saved or should the world treat them as in Sodom and Gomorrah? Turn away or is it time for David to fell Goliath. This White House must fall.

More persons can be helped, if these processes are known equally by all the peoples of the world. This is the intention of the Magnum-Opus Project. It is a project for the greater good of the world. It is about correcting the wrongs of the Manhattan Project, and its follow-on air pharmacology and weather control projects. This project is about making the world one again using real openness and accountability. Everyone in the world is invited to participate in this determination process for their health and longevity.

The knowledge provided here is about making the world free. It is about the greater good.

Sincerely, Jim Phelps

======== Part X The power of God has Duality ================

Chemtrails, Global Engineering, Climate Change, and Holy Inspiration One of the most interesting issues with Chemtrails and HAARP is how they were discovered and invented. Many persons have difficulty understanding the very long term thinking that went into the needs and principles for chemtrails and titanium, HAARP and plate stress management, and how these related to the old religious icon symbolism's. We will take this moment to look at how these connect. The DOE uses the studies of massive volcanic events to look at planet extinction events and how atomic bombs can cause nuclear winters. In a nuclear winter effect, what kills of the population is the onset of massive health plagues. It was the fear of this that kept the cold war between Russia and the US from happening. The study of these effects inspired the naming of HAARP and the special technique to mediate these catastrophic effects.

Volcano studies kicked off some of these investigations and inventions. In the old times there are many stories of things like virgins being sacrificed to the volcano Gods. Volcanoes posed serious threats to life all through time. In the hard times of massive volcanic releases many feared for their lives, prayed to their Gods for relief, and many died. Volcanoes appeared to impose a drastic natural order for the planet with huge explosions periodically that came to kill off large numbers of animals and humans on the planet. These were stories of climate change, from the origins of man and civilization, and often before the times of written language.

Volcanoes have always attracted interest, some gave them God like connotation to explain what happened. Some persons climbed these burning mountains to see what was happening, to try to find God, or seek relief from the dangers. Volcanoes highly affected animals and their poisoning often triggered health plagues that came to kill cities years after such events. These issues and problems were captured in what is called an alchemical symbolic icon methods. These became some of the counterpoints of religion and some of the most Holy of religion's inspirations.

I had an interest in volcanoes and have been on several active volcanoes. To relive the bible some, I also walked on these volcanoes barefoot, just as Moses did in his time. Volcanoes smell bad from all the sulfur and other acid emissions. There are acid puddles all over the place and piles of yellow colored sulfur and white compounds of fluoride. You can collect these things and if you happen to pour the sulfur acids onto the white materials, one can get an extremely poison gas called HF. It would appear that persons that climbed these active mountains would have found this effect.

I had noticed early on that the story and Noah's Ark involved the largest land mass volcano in the world, which is Mt. Ararat. The account of Noah and his messages about care for the animals was inherent in volcanic effects. The stage was now set for cracking the secrets of the information from these old Icons of religion. The real secrets of the Ark were being uncovered.

I had always wondered about the story of Moses and the Burning Bush and thought this might well be connected to volcanic eruptions setting things on fire. Moses did some strange things with mists to get free of the Egyptians. These two bits of association began to add up slowly. The DOE gas diffusion plants also have problems with acid mists from hydrogen fluoride, which is a component of volcanic releases. This same mist can be made from combining two easily found chemicals around volcanoes. If one looks at volcanoes, these turn out to be huge sources of hydrogen fluoride, HF. In an eruption, what the ash does not kill, the HF run off into the water supplies would. HF run off into streams and rivers at long distances to kill animals, and damage the health of others and longer distances. Then it became clear there was a connection between these two stories about Noah and Moses. It appeared it was these times of great strife and impacts to human well being that! inspired many of religion's greatest alchemical icons. It was a pictorial code, of sorts, used to keep record and teach illiterate masses in these times.

In the old world those that knew the science often kept this science in a form of alchemical icon. In these old times there was no real written language and pictures and symbols recorded the most important things. The icons were accompanied by verbal stories to enlighten the public. Some stories become overly embellished. What these icons kept was something that they wanted veiled from the general public. Part of the icons was something that needed to be told and part was something that needed to be veiled in secrecy.

Massive volcanic eruptions, like that of Krakatoa, or others that involve the energy release of 4 billion Hiroshima bombs in oceans caused massive climate change problems. The Sun disappears for weeks, in some cases, and it can literally rain for 40 days and nights. These poisons that volcanoes released were always connected with massive disease outbreaks that devastated the planet, killing off 3/4 of the earth's population.

Around DOE plants we obtained more clues. At the Rocky Flats plant in Colorado the workers that opened the doors to the HF shed would tell that the birds would literally fall out of the sky when they flew over this area's toxic releases. Then we recalled Noah using birds to test for when it was safe to go out again. Then we recall things like Teflon cookware vapors killed pet birds in homes. More of the religion icon puzzle fell into place.

With these bits and pieces in mind, we moved on up to the Icon for Mary and her standing on the snake to influence the symbol of toxic's from the Earth entering the food chain needing to be controlled. It was all coming together, each little piece fitting better and better. Mary was related to the Throne of David and from a very affluent family. They had wealth and access to science, this was the aristocratic class. Mary wanted to promote her child as the one who received the knowledge of the greater gifts of these sciences and the inner secrets of the icons. This information was better connected in these times, as a volcanic eruption in 43 BC had just happened.

It was the knowledge of these volcanic effects that gave Jesus his great powers to heal people. The area that Jesus lived in was at the center of three of Earth's greatest fault zones, and this caused much of the area to be affected by fluoride in the well water. Some areas were contaminated and others were not, as it depended on the geologic features. The case of the person beside the well being healed by Jesus would likely have been connected with a well having fluoride problems setting up the case for illness like what we call Chronic Fatigue Syndrome today.

The story of Sodom and Gomorra also was quickly connected then. Many earthquakes involve something called soil liquefaction and this effect along this fault zone would explain well how these cities disappeared beneath the Dead Sea. The poisons from the activity of this fault zone would have poisoned the local well waters and caused problems with violence and sex. It would have been an early version of Hell. The problems would have been so severe that persons would have to turn and walk away.

The stories about turning to stone even fell into place as the fluorides and metals from these fault zones put minerals into the body that turn to stone internally and retain for long long times, affecting health and causing death. The turning to stone effect happens today from environmental pollutants causing health effects like CFS and cancers.

It was clear that religions came from the study of these effects. The Jewish were the keepers of these histories, and it was the center piece of their religion. They used this to attain wealth and power. One of the inner secrets of the Ark was how to make the poison mists and this appears to be what Moses had learned on the mountain. The story of Moses having his beard turn white after being on the Mountain, is one about the volcanic toxic effects damaging the hair follicles. Exposure to the chemical called hydrogen fluoride causes rapid aging to happen. Moses used this inner secret of the Ark to make the Jews free from Egypt.

Moses became the first to use chemical warfare agent made with fluorine. Moses used this alchemical secret to make mists that went in the houses and poisoned people. Moses became a national security threat to the Egyptians. One can even see the snake symbolism used in the stories about how he confronted the Egyptians and his staff turned into a snake. Staff's were symbols of power in these times and snakes the symbol for poisons. Moses would be called a national security issue these days and a terrorist. This technique and how to do it in those times became a highly protected secret. The technique was the inner secret of the Ark and the Ark of the Covenant.

From the Exodus bible story we know that when Moses and his people left Egypt they went to Mt. Sinai, which was an active volcano in the Rift zone of Saudi Arabia. Here the people became affected by the volcanic toxic's and needed the Ten Commandments, see Exodus 19-20. It is here that Moses spoke to the burning bush. Here the people appeared to be given something that sounded like colloidal gold to counter the volcanic toxic emissions. It was gold cooked with their foods on fires, the golden calf of Exodus 32:22.

This is similar to the old Chinese cooking with a gold coin, and the 5,000 year old Egyptian techniques using gold for health. Gold attracts fluoride and mercury in the body and would be an early G-protein type management for these fluoride and mercury toxic's. Today, colloidal silver can be used in a similar fashion. Today, we see gold pharmaceuticals used to cure the most difficult cancers. Titanium is used in the same fashion, and much less expensive and abundant. It is right out of the methods in the Bible. Chemtrails use cheep titanium cows and Moses used expensive golden calves.

The Egyptians learned a lot about metals and in their tombs they used red mercury colors, and in the heat these compounds kept things clean and they poisoned archeologists that freshly opened tombs. The curse of the mummies was often mercury poisoning, which appears to have caused many to experience deaths from careless mishaps. The curse was the G- protein effect of mercury.

The Ark secret was not kept well and others learned how to do these tactics and the stories of how the Romans would siege cities and bury things next to the city walls and cover them to force gases through the walls became how wars were won. This is how the Romans took over the Jewish cities and came to rule. The power of the Ark was a two sided sword, one of benevolence intended to protect man and animals and the other a weapon for war and power.

Even the symbolism for David and Goliath became clear, as the power of the Ark could be called using the secret of the white powder from the volcanoes with the acid water to make HF, which could fell evil giants looking for one sighted money with one little stone . The Ark secret was what gave David the superior power to wage wars. Notice how the icon story is careful to protect the real methods used.

As this war technique developed, simple walled cities no longer were effective and the use of moats came into use to avoid the poison gas through the walls war methods. In these times the alchemical Merlin's became the scientists that knew the Ark secrets. In these times, the use of swords for wars became useless and we see the stories of Isle of Avalon and King Arthur tossing away Excalibur. We also see that Mary came to Avalon and the area of Glastonbury. And that the Ark was stored at the Glastonbury Abby for a time. The story of the Mists of Avalon was about how the secrets of the Ark were passed to these Knights.

The special secrets also came to be how the Queens of England came into the power to rule. They were direct hand downs from the throne of David and the power of the Ark and the Ark of the Covenant. The power of the Ark was a special white sand from volcanoes that had the power to overcome swords and stone walls. The symbol for religion in England became the Queen.

Meanwhile, the symbol of religion for the Catholics became Mary. The symbol for religion of the Christian churches became Jesus. And the Jewish kept theirs as Moses and others. Meanwhile the religion of Islam was born of a more recent time of volcanic strife around the 535 AD explosion of Krakatoa. The Islam and Moslem teachings show a great deal of hatred toward the Jews, apparently connected to their old methods involving the Ark and the old Jewish Ideals that they were God's Chosen People and superior to everyone. This difference has sponsored long term Holy Wars, which are at the root of problems today.

The problems of Christian Churches in the US to properly teach these most Holy of the messages in the bible is at the root of the differences and the causes for terrorism. When one follows the biblical icons and knows about the old worlds problems with climate change then one meets God and the teachings of the Bible first hand. In the DOE, Jim Phelps is considered to be once removed from God. He is also directly related to the Throne of David and the European Welf and Guelph families. His family shield sports the symbol of the wolf. It is indeed ironic that I am related directly to these old issues via bloodline.

An interesting Icon involving the Phelps connection to Christ can be seen in a church called Christ Church on St. Simon's Island, Ga. Here a person named Anson Phelps built a church using the old world icon symbolism methods. There is a German stained glass window, with the grave of Anson Phelps closest and just outside. The dedication stained glass window of the church has a depiction of Anson Phelps done in the same style as the German depiction of Christ. The church is built in the shape of the cross and it was built by shipbuilders like an upside- down boat, with an Ark connotation. This church is connected to the birthplace of Methodism via John Wesley.

Today, the Methodist church is the most highly involved in the cover up of the real truths behind what formed these old religions and how they are taught today. Because of this, the Methodist Church is one of the most corrupted in the world today. It has in its ranks G. Bush (43) with membership at Highland Park UMC in Dallas, Tx. Bush uses this church to help foist his corrupted CIA control methods on the American public. The Church Street UMC in Knoxville, Tn. is also an extremely corrupted church and involved in keeping Jim Phelps from exposing the truth about the deeper meaning and inspirations of the Biblical Scriptures and the issues of chemtrails and HAARP. This church has long standing connections to HPUMC and Bush. Both these churches will likely face RICO Act charges. These churches are highly involved in promoting information fraud to their members and the communities at large.

It was via Jim Phelps' knowledge of these relevant issues on Global Climate change and old world warfare that the HAARP and chemtrail methods were conceived or invented. HAARP's vibrational effect was named after the Angels and their music from the Heavens. Chemtrails are about the same old methods of moderating the dangers of volcanoes and the poison acid plumes they emit, which can destroy the world from time to time. HAARP and chemtrails both act to offset terminal events from volcanoes.

The invention of JP-8 jet fuel formula was also an inadvertent Icon for Jim Phelps and used Jim Phelps' invention of metallic alcohol's to the jet fuel formula as a de-icing agent to promote clouds forming to cool the Earth. The use of titanium dioxide as a colorant in food introduced this pharmaceutical effect to cut the rise of AIDS in the US, while the US Govt. knowingly allowed the continent of Africa to die.

The US Govt. is now involved in the misuse of the secrets and powers of the Ark, and in violation of long standing principles of right and wrong. In violation of the very views of Christ and Mary. This makes for G. Bush (43) as the anti-Christ leading an entire nation down the road to Hell, in his quest for global power and money. This is the basis for the terrorism sponsored by the Arab religion factions in the very same way these factions began from the issues of the Ark behind Judaism and the founding of Islam.

Other things that helped the discoveries along involved Jim Phelps' father becoming sick from working at the Y-12 nuclear weapons factory, and having to take early retirement. Jim Phelps was looking for the toxic's that made his father sick and noticed that nerve gas exposures and HF cause tremors and that mercury exposures do the same thing. He quickly connected that both these chemicals build up in the body and even get into the brain.

It became most apparent that these chemicals can build and cause progressive tremors in persons exposed. The Y-12 nuclear weapons plant is one of the worst mercury spills in the US and the ground literally oozes with mercury and emits mercury vapor. The Y-12 plant also emitted lots of HF vapors from its "salt shop" uranium processing. The daily occupational exposures to these most dangerous of elements made his father sick. The DOE currently acts to cover these problems up, because the very same pattern is out of control in the US population causing all kinds of illnesses.

The synergism between mercury and fluorine were quickly found with the discovery of the G--protein effects that triggered nerve channel conduction and twitching. The G-protein effect from the fluoride- mercury complex was one of the worst in the nervous system. This then quickly lead to the discovery that fluoride-mercury is also tied to shutting down the immune system and the antigen presentation cell processes connected to CFS, vaccine problems in Africa connected to fluoride-mercury, and the very cause for AIDS.

Looking at how the nerve gases work lead to the ideas for blocking agents using PB, which is a nervous system seeking hormone using bromine to block the G-protein sites which nerve gases would destroy. The bromine is a temporary effect that would clear being used to overcome the permanent binding from fluoride-metal complexes. This was the invention of the PB anti-nerve gas agent. A quick look for metals that did not form destructive fluoride metal complexes affecting G- protein cells sites discovered titanium. Titanium dioxide was considered highly nontoxic and could be used to counter rising fluoride health effects in the environment. Jim Phelps found two agents that could be used to overcome the power of the Ark.

It was these discoveries that founded the chemtrail methods to address the problems of animals getting sick and transferring their illness to man causing health epidemics. This is how the massive Manhattan Project like methods of Chemtrails and HAARP evolved from the original problems of the Manhattan Project. The plants code names in Oak Ridge are all connected to these same effects.

The Y-12 plant is named after Yahweh and the twelve disciples of Christ, the X-10 plant is named after God and the Ten Commandments, and the K-25 plant was named after the problems with containment of fluorine gas in a process that used the Kellex process and consumed 25 percent of the Manhattan Projects funding. Those who worked with the secret agent fluorine at K-25 became sick from the fluoride effects, as they unwittingly were around the inner secrets of the Ark. Again, these are more of the icon like symbolism's used in national security operations.

Even the name of the top security clearance for having access to these materials and information is related. The US ally in W.W.II was GB and the Queen, whose throne and family is linked to the Throne of David and the secrets of the Ark. The famous DOE "Q" clearance comes from these inner secrets of the power to rule of the Queen.

These bits of information that you have just read are the simple foundations of the religious predictions for the revelations. We are in a time in the US where only lies are put forth by our Govt., and the people kept uninformed by the Mil / Ind Network and its' religion allies. These are sad times where the Govt. is seeking to take the people hostage, and freedom is leaving the country. We can't allow this to continue.

I have tried multiple times over the years to get these issues exposed, even reported to the DOJ. But the system in the US is utterly corrupt and the powers of national security are as well. For making these issues public I have literally been persecuted. These factions want to instill fear and will do anything to cover this up. The factions loyal to the corrupted Bushes and the CIA are the worst. These persons deserve the name terrorists and should have the most extreme punishment.

We are living the End-Times prophecy, but if we can overcome the demon forces in place, we can be delivered from this Evil into a promised land. These are the ideals behind the Rapture, when all the facts are laid down for the masses. The truth will set the world free, provide for understanding between nationalism differences between nations and between religions. The knowledge here sets the people free and allows for the people to become one again.

To make this happen, all we need is "a few Good Men," Good persons, to step forward and help expose and confront the evils. We need a country based on truth, not one lie heaped on another that is going to case the country to fail.

Sincerely, Jim Phelps, Global Systems Scientist and messenger for truth in religion

================ Part xi False Idols ==================

Chemtrails and HAARP, enlightenment and Illuminati, the atonement

We have covered a lot of ground on the subject of Chemtrails and HAARP and many persons are beginning to see and understand the science that went into these new Manhattan sized projects. Lots of the science is connected to terminal event theory, which is done at national labs like Los Alamos. It was these sciences, some very old in origin, that lead to the design and inventions of chemtrails and HAARP. I was the principle scientist in Oak Ridge that invented these systems. I am a global systems scientist, and I started this discipline.

Terminal even theory is highly based on the issues of volcanic effects seen down throughout history. When a volcano like Krackatoa erupts with the power of 4 billion Hiroshima type atom bombs, it causes world havoc, massive population kills, and seeking God. Ocean volcanic explosions cause massive amounts of water to be lofted into the skies and massive rains that can go on for 40 days and nights. These dark clouds also serve to cool the planet and end the eruptions.

It is this basic knowledge that chemtrails make use. Chemtrails are designed to cool the planet by inducing water vapor droplet collection to induce Mie scattering. Added into this technique was titanium dioxide, to offset the volcanic linked fluoride toxic effects on the immune system. This is the effect that caused the black plague and other illnesses connected to these terminal events. Fluoride is special because it is the highest electronegative element and this special effect damages the protein binding sites of cells.

This basic science called terminal event theory was also studied long long ago by persons like Noah and the old Jewish wise men called Magi. The Magi wisdom's are highly contained in works called the Kabala. It was the Kabala that lead persons like Nostradamous to make his predictions. French Nostradamous was Jewish before the inquisitions forced him to convert to Catholicism. He and others in his family kept the teachings of the Kabala alive.

The wisdom of the Kabala can be used for good and it can be abused for evil purposes. Kabala was the basis for lots of the Nazi occult studies, which even Hitler studied. Kabala study is the root of the Masons, the Illuminati, and the powers that seek to control in the world today. The evil connection is rooted in money, power, and control. In Europe, the ruling powers assigned the banking practices to the Jewish and this connected lots of these problems with the Jewish. Most of the Jewish people are good, but the element connected to riches and power have serious problems.

It was the Jewish people that kept these old histories on cataclysmic ocean volcano effects and how Noah survived and helped animals survive this world holocaust. Noah was one of the very first environmentalists. Most of the old Rabbi's of these times know some of the elements of the Kabala. It was the cataclysmic effects that damaged man's lifespan, taking it from 900 years down to 120 years. Part was due to the fluorides in the environment, and much of this was due to conversion from vegan type food consumption to that of cooked animals.

It was the teachings from the Kabala which the Magi had taught Mary and Jesus. Jesus was killed for protesting the eating of meats and too much focus on money in the religious temples. There was also another volcanic event in 43 BC, that would have placed these issues out in the open for consideration. Jesus was a healer in his time and taught the simple art that clean water, fruits, and vegetables would cure all ills and prevent illness. This is still true today. It was the Jewish that were chosen as the doctors for the rich and powerful due to these teachings from the Kabala.

The Catholic Icon for Mary represents this issue well today, in the symbolism of the snake coming from the surface of the Earth with a poisoned apple in its mouth. This is the heart of the problems with the environment today. The natural order of the Earth tends to drive the metals and fluorides from the surface due to the Sun's clean rain washing these toxic's down into the underground. This is disrupted by volcanic events and earthquakes from time to time, with the result being illness and diseases. It like manner this is disrupted by man with fossil energy production.

These issues are captured in the Bible also, and the most important sections of the bible to see this is the first and last parts, Genesis and Revelations. Genesis covers the digression of lifespan due to the huge volcanic linked floods and Noah's accords. Revelations, in part 8:8 speaks to the angels tossing flaming mountains into the ocean, which is the problem Noah mediated. Rev. 8:8 also speaks to similar happening from meteors and this is even included in the terminal event studies at Los Alamos. The Tunguska blast in Russia was a small version of this type event.

There is a lot of imagery in these old writings which makes it difficult for many to understand, but with a little help of pointing folks in the right directions things become more clear. We also see persons like Pat Robertson speaking to these issues of Armageddon and these effects are indeed happening. He neglects to notice that science and the new Manhattan project are controlled the Sun's radiance on the Earth using chemtrail methods and also mediating the stress relief on the Earth's crust with HAARP.

Pat Robertson and others are correct in their red flags raised on the issues of the antichrist. The money power and control types of this world are actively abusing the knowledge from the Kabala, and failing to tell the peoples of the world about the rising health effects from fluorides and the G-protein effects. This is what is driving the great health plagues rising on the planet, like HIV and cancer. The US and its corrupted Kabala linked interests called the Illuminati are attempting to get rich and take over the world with their new order. This order is one based in deceit and racketeering.

The Clinton Administration had severe problems with this Kabala, and Hillary even used this word, in their attempts to bring the US a national healthcare system. It was these interests wanting to take over the world and get rich in the process that stopped this from happening. They want to hide that the fluorides are out of control and use this to keep the population dumb and easy to manipulate. This is the key to their money power via AMA medicine and pharmaceuticals. It is the key for cheep energy too. These interests abuse the people of the Earth for their own greed.

It was this corrupted power that boosted corrupted persons like Bush into the presidency after Clinton. Bush is the corrupted CEO for this power elite industry and this new world order to take over the world. Bush is the Skull and Bones type that will do anything for money and power. He is kin to the same techniques used by the so called Illuminati, which also study and know the Kabala. It is Bush's deceit that is making him the antichrist. Bush allows HIV to run ramped for population control and to scare the population into birth control. Bush's father makes his war and pharmaceutical interests rich in this process. The power of the Illuminati is like that of an Italian religious Mafia getting rich via racketeering.

The "demon seed" in this process is the cover up of the health effects from fluorides and G-protein effects. These are the same teachings as recorded in the Kabala and the earliest written science on these effects. The real story is that population can be controlled naturally by use of the human immune system to control reproduction. The Mil / Ind networks, the Illuminati, like to control reproduction by fear and health damage, because it allows them to pollute and control the world via damage to peoples minds. These are the methods of the antichrist, and the methods of Bush (41, 43).

The titanium technique is in use in the US and other regions, but some regions don't have this knowledge and they will suffer the same extreme harms as seen with HIV in Africa. The US and its allies will keep this knowledge from them to achieve advantages. The teachings of Christ and those of religions would make this information available to all. Christ's values were those for the common good for all mankind. The US is not doing this and this will cause problems with China, India, Russia, Africa. The US will ally with the UK, and Israel, the Kabala sects. This is the makings of the last great war, before the coming of the promised land.

We can control the issues of the global environment to a great degree in these times and can mediate catastrophic events. We need to cut the source terms to avoid having to use these methods. Now, what is needed is to mediate the greed and control of the US Mil / Ind Network, the Illuminati, so they cannot use and abuse the knowledge in the Kabala and that classified by the New Manhattan Project. The way to control this is make what they are doing public, in a global fashion. In this way, the spreading of the truth will set everyone free of those that attempt to exploit this veiled information.

Each and every person that reads this information is encouraged to discuss it, pass it around to others, and do what is right for others in the world. In God's world, we each care for each other. We each act for the common good of the global world. When we find these simple truths, the deliverance from evil and the time of the promised land is at hand.

Each of you can help in the process of knocking down this one eye Goliath we see today, by just tossing a few electrons down the information highway to expose the simple truths. Each of you can become as powerful as David in his time of seeking Good over Evil. When entire religious communities become oriented to these issues and begin to harmonize on these issues, then the power of this evil is destroyed for all time. No longer can the masses be so manipulated to be exploited by the rich. It will be a time, when all men are created equal. A time, when every man can truly expand his mind and all knowing. A time were peace will rule the Earth.

Sincerely, Jim Phelps, A messenger for truth

=========== Part xii Servant Songs of Revelation ==============

Chemtrails and Religion's Big Secret, the ultimate deception, volcanoes, Govt.

The chemtrails methods are still being exposed and all the information that relates to how they came into usage. Chemtrail methods were learned from the study of volcanic terminal event situations.

The interesting thing is that volcanic terminal event theory is a part of the most famous parts of religion. The Story of Noah and the Story of Moses are both stories about the effects of volcanoes. These problems often determined life and death in these old times and were often involved in the search for God. Moses ran to an active volcano because the Egyptians would dare not follow them there after just being poisoned with volcanic poisons. These poisons came to affect the Jews and they need the Commandments, but things got worse. They wandered in confusion from this for 40 years.

They worshiped a false God, and the people of today are doing the same and have been mindlessly wandering. It is time to end the lie.

It is also interesting that one of the oldest diagnosed illnesses is pneumonia, and this comes from dusts in the air from things like volcanoes. The 4,000 year old word pneumonia is Greek and means dust in the lungs. One of the earliest pharmacy methods was the use of gold to cure illnesses. Gold treatments were in use 5,000 years ago in Egypt. It appears that the Egyptians learned of the tricks that Moses used in latter years and the symbol of the Gold topped pyramid stood for this. Gold was also used as their death masks over these associations. The gold domed pyramid is also the symbol of the US monetary system on the back of every dollar bill, as these effects were the roots for control of the rich and powerful for millennia.

Much of these information is in the Jewish Talmud and the Kabala. These are the roots of secret societies like the Masons, the Skull and Bones, and even the Illuminati. This corrupted group appears to have wanted the Baghdad batteries lost because these relate to making a wine colored colloidal gold. This is the message about how God turned water into wine for Moses. The bones people were highly interested in loosing this bit of information and left the museum open for looting. It is likely now a Skull and Bones trophy.

Now comes the US presidency, with born again Methodist Bush with secret society Skull and Bones membership. And a boatload of these deceitful religion types helping to cover up the big secret. Saddled up with Bush is Condi Rice, preachers daughter. Rumsfeld, a corrupt minister of the antichrist. The Jewish Kabala boys, like Wolfowitz. This group uses the methods of the old Pharaohs to promote disorder, keeping the masses confused and fighting each other. The debunkers on varied health and environmental issues are the tentacles for these methods of the Pharos promoted by Bush. The root of the problem is no different from it was 2,000 years ago. The Old Testament was written about lots of fear from volcanoes and the health effects. These issues formed the earliest health effects like pneumonia and early pharmacy methods using gold. Then along comes Jesus, who is taught these issues by the Magi, and he uses this to make some predictions called the Revelations. The simple prediction was that these issues or the misinformation in religion is going to cause some serious problems. The one big problem is the church is corrupted by not teaching and exposing that Noah and Moses were speaking about volcano catastrophes. That churches have been doing moneychanger issues by claiming these were miracles, when there is rational explanation for these stories. The churches have been engaging in half-truths to line their own pocketbooks, a story of racketeering.

As a result, today these age old issues are coming to a head. The Bush gangsters are allied with the United Methodist Church to keep the truth hidden and suppress these simple issues that Jesus predicted in the Revelations. Bush is supporting covering up the volcanic linked toxic's from cheep coal fired energy emissions that are at the heart of the fluoride toxic's causing world illnesses, even the ozone hole. This is at the heart of cancers and even HIV.

The chemtrail methods use these age old techniques to mediate the potential for volcanic effects and earthquakes. Chemtrails make water vapor to cool the Earth and keep down the temperatures that provoke volcanic eruptions. Chemtrails use the same extreme water vapor techniques that quench volcanic eruptions. Chemtrails even mediate the toxic effects of volcanoes by using a spin off of the age old gold pharmacy methods to treat mercury and fluoride in the body. Titanium is a cheep and abundant version of the old gold pharmacy technique.

Chemtrails use the JP-8 jet fuels deicing agents to get these chemicals into the air around the globe, so the globe can be cooled and it can be treated to resist fluoride and mercury. The G-protein effect is what causes the APC, antigen presenting cells, and T-cells to stop working. This is the modern explanation for a problem seen and treated 5,000 years ago from volcanic effects. The Egyptians used Gold to treat the problem and the US conceals it is using titanium.

So, when we watch what is happening with chemtrails and why they are classified and concealed, we now know they are directly linked to the predictions of the Revelations. This is why the White House is loaded down with the religion types, because they use this to conceal the issues and the real problems. The root of the problem is even religion has become corrupted in its pursuit of money. Religions don't state the simple truth about the stories of Noah and Moses. We found all these issues at ORNL in the early 80's. They were how chemtrails came into being.

I have always supported that these issues be reported, so that they could not be used and abused. These issues are being used and abused by the White House and its' power elite, the Mil / Ind Network, the AMA, the Pharmacy interests, the fluoride cover up industries, and even the religious interests in the US. The US Govt. and its industries and religions have taken on the approach to deceive the people. This is against the methods of God.

Make no mistake about the war crimes issues as these methods are being used for war and strategic advantage. The US, UK, and Israel know these health control techniques and can maintain status-quo on health, where other countries cannot. Countries like Africa, China, India, Mexico that have lots of fluorides effects from nature or coal burning are being devastated or soon will be. The fluoride effects that caused the HIV epidemic to devastate 9/10 of Africa will soon come to China and India. The US is not telling these countries the truth, and this is the root of the pure evil in this last Great War. Bush is even trying to kill Keyoto to drive these factors even faster. This is the information the corrupt Bush Empire is using to enrich itself. It is also using this information to kill off other countries. This is the very root of their corrupted evil Master Plan for the New World Order, NWO, they are driving.

In contrast, Bush (43) is crashing parts of the economy and airline business on purpose to slow down growth fueling these global effects. Bush is killing the economy on purpose, except for his dad's Carlyle groups and oil. Notice their buying the Porton Downs interests in the UK, the investments in war machines, their investments in drugs. As the other countries of the world get sick from the rising toxic emissions setting off illness, they intend to get rich helping to kill them. One can already see the plan in action in the HIV drugs for Africa. Soon it will be India, then China, then Russia. It is the same scheme as from volcanic effects causing illnesses. This is their corrupted pathway for their NWO.

Put Simply, America was created to follow the real God and his values, not the false one from the Old Testament, which the corrupted Bush Cartels are foisting onto unsuspecting Americans and the world. The crooked Bush Mafia is using the false god issues from the Old Testament and the techniques of the Ark for deceit and treachery. Bush and his rich evil covenants are trying to say love everything and nothing is wrong to mislead the world into embracing the anti-Christ. Their worship methods involve the love of money and power. Their false profits are not based in honest, truth, or God. They are the ultimate Racketeers, using the false teachings of religion for their corrupted purpose of world power. These are the embodiment for the anti-Christ on Earth.

The Bush Evil has turned the Servant Songs of Christ into the Serpent Songs of the anti-Christ.

We can literally see these issues of the Revelations forming from this 2,000 year old corruption. The US is allied with the UK and Israel. These are the antichrist issues. These corrupted interests are coming up against China, India, Russia, and others not so steeped in the misinformation of US, UK, Israel religions. It is odd that the word "Israel" means in Hebrew to "Struggle with God." This is exactly what is happening as the truth is coming out on some of these old writings and what they mean. Moses made a huge mistake and Jesus tried to expose it. Today, the secrets of the Holy Ghost fluoride cover up are the root of population control and drug profits for the corrupted Bush religion Kabala. US religions are afraid that their cash cow and fear mongering with the masses will put them out of business. This is the first thing that the Bush gangsters are using to control and cover up these very old problems that are one in the same with the Revelations predic! tions. The problem is our society to its very roots has been mislead, is being mislead, deceived. What fixes this is to toss out the real issues, the real truths as plainly as they can be stated. This is what the truth seeking about chemtrails is all about.

Follow and understand these simple truths, and as the CIA logo says: "The truth will set you free." This is the essential ingredient in making a free world and world peace. Pass the information and the truth around far and wide.

In closing, folks should now better understand the second coming for Christ. Christ was born of Mary and both knew the issues of the big deception in religion from the Old Testament. Their conceptual views on what happened were immaculate, without the flaws of the old deceptions. So, Christ was born of this true information, born of the Immaculate Conceptions. So, when Christ returns to Earth is when these simple truths become known. His simple truths will then live in each of you. From these simple seeds of truth, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge can now grow in harmony with each other.

Now you know why and how Christ died for the original false idol sins of the Old Testament. How the story of Christ is the root of all religions. How the truth of Jesus rose above all others. How Mary became the Virgin Mary and the symbol for Catholicism. It is all the language of symbolism. Mary solved the deceit from the Old Testament, her conceptions were the immaculate ideas she instilled in her child, Jesus. The "ultimate deception" from Moses became the "Immaculate Conception" of Mary and Jesus. This is the real issue between the Old and New Testament, that all have failed to see and declare. It suggests our world is a very ignorant place and the minds of men are so impaired and their religions so composed of deceit and treachery.

The Trinity is symbolic for triangle-pyramid, three stars, three wise men, and the father-son-holy ghost. The definition of Father is: to found a race, to beget, to originate, to author--Moses/Egyptian gods. The definition for Son is: any male descendent--Jesus--knew star metals sciences of Magi. The definition for ghost is: shadow or semblance, imagined, defect in perception-- volcano gods. The definition for holy is: declared sacred--of service to god--The big lie. The big issue of the Trinity is Moses fabricated a god, and this process later killed Jesus for telling the truth on the false perceptions. Today, this cover up is called deceit and treachery and was known about by US Presidents like Eisenhower who did not want these issues disclosed. The cover up is central to the CIA methods for deceit and treachery and the existence for Israel.

Those of you that have taken the time to read this far, know the true meaning of what it means to be "saved" by the knowledge of Christ. You know enough for your own salvation, how to protect those close to you, and how to set society on a better course. You have arrived into the Covenant of the Ark. Each of you, at this point, will be called upon to do the better things for society and to promote the correct natural orders and the real values of God. You can no longer be tricked, manipulated, and can see the deeper issues of how the rich and powerful have been able to control and manipulate the world. It is time to end the process of wondering and sinking deeper into an abyss. Each of you can help pilot a better course toward peace.

This is the real information that your preacher, your priest, your minister, your Rabbi, your Cleric, and other religious wise men should have taught each of you. These are the things we found at ORNL in the mid-1980's, as we walked literally in the footsteps of the God's. We found why Gold achieved its' specialness for health and value, and how the Holy Roman Empire came into prominence from the Ark's covenant across England and Western Europe. We found the real reasons for the Dark Ages. We found the real God or perhaps he found us.

Jesus was killed by his own people for daring to differ with the Old Testament's views on what was Holy. On a similar note, JFK was Catholic and knew this information. Just weeks before he was killed there were questions about he and the Pope. Keep in mind that Truman's diary on July 25, 1945 tells that the issue of the Ark and the destruction in the Euphrates Valley came up in the discussion of the invention of the nuclear bomb. Noah's volcano is similar to the effects of the bombs from the cold war. This is why little natives were used in early nuclear testing to look for these plague illness effects. JFK was going to end this religion fraud along with other RICO Act issues and the corrupted religion national security types from Oak Ridge had him killed. He became a second martyr for the sins of the Old Testament.

Those of you that may have any lingering doubts about the natural orders of things and how these link to God, then take a look at Reagan and the Pope. Each of these persons has sought to deceive and each now suffers from the health effects of these fluorides and metals rising in their brain. Reagan stated the cover up of the fluorides and metals G- protein effect via Star Wars and the Pope has failed to tell the plain truths behind the full meaning for Mary. The time for these persons is short and they will soon be turned asunder. They have failed to follow the simple messages from God and disrupted the natural order of the universe.

The time has arrived. The truth has arrived. The big secrets of the DOE, the Govt., and religion are being released and declassified for all to see.

In the tradition of the times of Jesus, this information is released in coordination with a rising evening Red Star, as planet Mars is the closest to Earth since 7,500 years ago. Mars, the ancient symbol of war, comes to take away wars and pestilence and allow the "lambs to lie down with the lions." Allow this rising Red Midnight Star to become a sign seen all around the world, as in the times of old, to proclaim these simple truths throughout the world. It will take away the darkness that started the Dark Ages. Man is awakening from the Abyss, evolving. Now, the meek shall inherit the Earth. Allow the chemtrail's to be a sign from the heavens that man has finally awakened and seen the light of truth from Jesus, and that this truth now lives in each person around the world. Reform the churches. Reform your Governments.

If anyone has any questions or need for clarification, please write via email.

Sincerely, Jim Phelps, a messenger of the truth and promoter for change

==== xiii Excalibur and nanoscience--Un-Holy Alliance of Deceit ====

Lots of the latest series of chemtrails information has been directed at teaching the big picture of how these things work and their simple origins. The origins of chemtrails trace back to the Egyptian colloid purple gold and how these came from their metal working efforts. Egyptian metals sciences used powder metal materials to make advanced alloys. They had steel from the stars. These issues lead to the naming for Star Wars and the naming for Excalibur. The colloid science of today is called nanoscience. I invented "nanoscience" and the revolution in small atom scale materials to effect global systems effects.

Lots of knowing about God is just knowing the natural orders of things and sciences. Natural processes purified uranium in the area of Gabon and made nuclear reactors millions of years ago. It was in this area that mining was done extensively and an early HIV case was found in 1959. The effects of pollutants have always damaged human and animal health and lead to diseases. There are lots of these natural processes that have long been proprietary secrets in mining and the old sciences of alchemy. It is these 5,000 year old secrets that lead to the invention of nano-technology and even that of chemtrails.

Lets begin this discussion with the science behind the King Arthur Sword named Excalibur. Science in the old days had proprietary secrets and these things often were reported in a kind of cryptic method linked to myths, because the common people did not understand science very well. We know the Egyptians had access to steel in the form of star metals, or meteor iron of low carbon and high nickel. These irons were worth more than gold by factor of ten. Pharaohs were buried with their Star Metals.

The great unbreakable/unbendable long shiny sword of King Arthur was made by these same methods. Excalibur was made from either bog iron, which is refined by a bacteria process into little balls of low carbon iron, or even the use of similar low carbon meteor iron. This was the steel of the old days and even was allowed with nickel, so it was like a stainless steel. This is how King Arthur and Glastonbury, UK was connected to the secrets of the Ark. The Ark brought metals technology to the UK from what the Jewish people learned from Egypt and used to establish their own cultures beginning with Moses and his volcano and metals research.

The Excalibur legend says that only the pure of heart can pull the sword from the stone in which is was lodged, and this means simply that the secrets of the Ark were only shared with those that intended its use for good. This is the kind of issue that is related to the issues of national security today--that of the common good. It has been in elements of religions since the beginning of time. Everyone that works in the national security business recognizes these methods of communications using symbolism's. In Egypt, the symbols for eternal life was the Ankh, which is the sign for copper. Copper was one of the first metals mined and smelted with the temperatures of charcoal processes. Copper was used all over Egypt for mirrors and ways to extend life, pharmacy. This started the use of the metals for pharmacy. Egypt also used other metals for this, like the very corrosion free gold. Gold had medicinal properties to combat mercury poisoning effects from gold min! ing.

Along the way, Egypt, China, and others learned how to cook with gold to improve health. And the simple story of Moses and the golden rings cooked with the golden calf is the same type story. They found that making a gold liquid with very fine atomic levels of gold, called a colloid, was the best medicine of all. Colloids could be made with batteries from dissimilar metals or a chemical process called "Purple of Cassius." The effect of the colloids was that their size was on the order of those for proteins in the body and they could get into all parts of the body and cells with ease. There they could combine with mercury or fluoride and render it harmless, then be excreted.

The standard chemical test for gold used today uses this same purple gold chemical test.

It was this amazing discovery that Egypt gave to its rulers as a right to rule and right to power. It was one of their most highly prized secrets, next to the pure iron star metals. Star metal and copper could be used with fruit acids to make batteries in these old times and be used to make "purple gold." Purple gold took on the name Manna in these old times and it had special powers to heal and was said to have come from the stars. Its link to copper, which meant eternal life, and the link to pure iron, or star metals is the key. It was the special propriety secret of rulers in these times, from those of the Egyptians and Isis on down to Moses and The Star of David Throne. This they believe made them the chosen ones of God and gave them the "Divine Right to rule."

The properties of the non-irritant colloidal metals in the body gave gold a special healing and longevity effect. Gold had the ultimate specialness due to its supreme anti-corrosion properties and immune system tolerance. It was so prized it became the ultimate money standard.

Manna given to the rulers gave them higher powers to think and cognitively process compared to the simple masses, or what became the gentiles. When given to the Jewish masses via the wine and sacrament processes it made them more resistant to disease and offered a strategic advantage. This has been used for thousands of years. Even the dark side secret of the Ark using the toxic metals and fluorides were used to overcome enemies. It could often imprison enemies within their own minds, due to the nervous system effects.

Today, the issues of colloids and bacteria purification of iron falls into the category of nanosciences. Jim Phelps is the father of the nano- science revolution that started at ORNL in the mid-1980's. Nanosciences involve these small particles from the size of atoms to sizes just under the resolution of light microscopes. Colloids can be in gas or air, in liquids, in solids, or the surfaces of solids. Examples of solid and metal colloids is the stained glass used in churches. The ruby red glass is a gold colloidal effect in glass. The gem called a Ruby gets its red color from gold colloid effects.

In liquid, Colloids of gold or silver are the same size as proteins in the body and can travel these same pathways in the body and remove the toxic materials. This is why colloidal gold and silver is so effective in the prevention of the formation of the destructive G-protein fluoride-metal complexes. It was this pharmacy effect that the Egyptians used and the Jewish used to give them the Divine Rights from God.

Claiming "Divine Right" by these processes have a great deal to do with Deceit and Treachery, because these metals industry trade secrets have little to do with God. It is more about using trade secrets to accomplish a process of Racketeering. This process has come to a head and now threatens the prosperity of the world, by it not being reported.

I discovered all these pharmacy effects back in the mid-80's at ORNL it set off the science called nano-science. This nano-science is the key to the chemtrails and atmosphere effects. We have discussed how HF is a problem in the atmosphere leading to higher UV-b causing the CO2 levels to rise due to effects on plants. The HF in the atmosphere is a very small particle or colloid suspension in air. HF having the similar molecular weight of air, rises to the highest in the ozone layers. Here the captured hydrogen is ionized and emits the dangerous UV-b levels at higher rates. The Freon is also a colloid of solid particles that are carried along in the air via a colloid type suspension. The Sun's radiation causes it to for fluorides, which combine with hydrogen to worsen the UV-b radiation.

The chemtrails were made from the knowledge of this very same 5,000 year old science. The titanium method is just a colloid method. Jet planes burn the titanium and make a few titanium oxide particles, which fall to Earth and get in the lungs of humans and animals to offset the lung cancer effects and it gets into the animal food chain to keep their immune damage lessened. Titanium is used to offset the health damage effects of aluminum and barium.

This same thinking went into the alloy of DU penetrators with titanium. 3/4 percent titanium is mixed with DU to make it harder than steel and the pyrophoric nature of uranium is then used to cut through simple steel like a blow torch. It forms a large number of uranium particles that have colloidal suspension properties in air and can travel some distance. DU is so good at cutting that its nickname is the silver bullet. The titanium added is also used to offset the uranium toxic effects, much like how colloidal silver is use for health. The low percentage of titanium does not appear enough to offset the health effects of uranium.

Barium in chemtrails uses the colloid system to stay suspended to cause the collection of water vapor from the air to set up larger particles that cause Mie scattering to help cool off the global warming effects due to the rise in CO2 levels from the HF damage to the ozone layer. Barium is a cloud seeding technique due to its hygroscopic nature. Aluminum does the same thing, but gets some help in the jet plume from the abundance of sulfuric acid in the air. The nano particles of aluminum-oxide react with the sulfuric acid to make alum, which is hygroscopic and is also a cloud seeding technique.

HAARP experiments are aimed at heating these little liquid and frozen nano-particles of HF in the atmosphere and causing them to form larger particles and fall from air suspension. HAARP's RF plasma heating causes a catalyst effects to set up precipitation of the HF from the ionosphere. This will lower the UVb levels and in turn act to lower the CO2 and stop global warming. The low freq PWM of HAARP is about controlling earthquakes and volcanic events. This helps support the other methods of global cooling by jet fuels cloud seeding methods to cool the planet and lessen these effects.

The entire basis for the Star Wars Excalibur system is based on the existence of these colloidal suspensions in the upper atmosphere. The Sun's radiation on these materials sets up conductive layer plasma effects in the atmosphere. The Sun also supplies huge amounts of electrons to the North Pole via MHD type effects that charge up the Earth's atmosphere with electric charge. This effect can be used for pollution free energy from the Sun, or it can be used for immense Star Wars weapons systems. The Star Wars science is derived right out of these 5,000 year old colloid sciences and the old Egyptian star metals and how King Arthur's sword was made.

Today, this nano-science that I started at ORNL in the mid-80s has come to explain the issues of super conductors with nano films of atoms and that for super magnets with nano-grain structures. My nano-science discoveries are being used to control global warming and global health, and are the essences of global systems science. It uses the secrets of the Ark of the Covenant and the secrets of 5,000 year old Egyptian metals sciences.

Oak Ridge became the lead place for discovery of these problems because the gas diffusion plant here leaked HF and Freon into the local air in huge quantities. The nano-particle / colloid effects of these releases came to poison the local workers, local communities, and even set up the ozone hole UV-b damages. The diffusion plants even used some of the old Egyptian methods of powder metallurgy to make the diffusion barrier. The diffusion barrier is made of powdered nickel and calcium fluoride of about 1 micron size, that is sintered together to form a gas diffusion matrix.

The Egyptians started these powder metal techniques to work iron at the temperatures of charcoal heat. They also invented the sintering process. It was these methods of the Ark that played principle roles in the creation of the Manhattan Project's uranium enrichment technique. This is how all the Oak Ridge plants came to have religious significance. X-10, the sign of God and Ten Commandments. Y-12, Yahweh and the twelve disciples. These are the old metals sciences from the Ark and from Egypt that lead to these special code names.

I have managed to end the production of Freon in the US due to these issues and one can see that Freon was banned by Congress just after my discoveries. I also managed to shut down the Oak Ridge gas diffusion plant due to all these related problems of it loosing Freon and HF. The other gas diffusion plants will soon close also.

Problems remain due to crooked presidents abusing and covering up these immense problems to protect the pharmaceutical and AMA, and this cover up amounts to Racketeering. The root of these cover ups over chemtrails directly lead to the 911 disaster. It is directly caused by the Bush (41, 43) cover ups of the chemtrails and what they do, and their allied industries profits in keeping these secrets from the world. These persons are criminals of the magnitude predicted for the End-Times. They want to use the power of the Ark to offer strategic advantage to the US and kill off other ethnic countries with disease while making huge profits from pharmacy.

I am the fail-safe for these problems, a kind of Egyptian Anubis watchdog for the feather balance of right vs wrong. Very soon now, the entire Bush Adm. is going to fall from grace and wind up in Kansas for a very long stay. The Demon Seed will be stopped from further poisoning of the tree of knowledge. As in the "Wizard of Oz," when folks abuse human frailties, and "to-To" pulls the curtain off the evil wizard, all can fall to the special iron walled palace in Kansas, Leavenworth.

We are going to have to deal with this unlucky, un-Holy Alliances of Deceit, Destruction, and Death. The Club of Rome's Deceit and Treachery is about to hit the Judgement wall. The road ahead is going to get a bit bumpy for a while. The Road Ahead must involve: reflection, remediation, revelation, Church reform, and the crooks placed in jails. Bush, the Club of Rome, CIA, Mil / Ind Network have violated the Patriot Act: USC Title 18, Section 2331, "involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion, or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping, and occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States."

Once we get this problem solved, then like the Moses and volcano problems, we can come into the times of the promised land and a kinder and gentler time. Fluorides and the dark side methods from the Ark can no longer be used to imprison persons in their own minds. Things will improve rapidly after this. Health problems will clear up and population growth will stabilize. The ill gotten gains of the Bush Mafia and their corrupted friends will be seized and used for a national health care system. Peace and harmony can take over this planet.

The Star Wars technologies will be shared with all the world and this will come to calm down terrorism, as all will find that we are one. And that the basis of all religions are about one thing----truth and seeking the light. That knowledge will set all mankind free and all will be equal again.

All peoples of the world are invited to help in this process to do the greater goods.

Sincerely, Jim Phelps

=== End == Health, then Freedom, God and His Natural Order ====

List of Jim Phelps' Discoveries and Inventions:

1. The G-protein effects for the fluoride - mercury complex----T-cell and APC vector.

2. The cause of HIV transmission from this killing the immunity. The cause of cancers and CFS, etc.

3. The cause of things like varied plagues from volcano emissions and the same being a threat to animals from industrial emissions.

4. The main cause for the illnesses of Parkinson's (F-Hg vector) and Alzheimer's (F-Al vector) and others linked to brain prions.

5. The real equations for the ozone hole, HF, and UV-b problems leading to CO2 imbalances. 6. How the fluorine nerve gas G-protein vector is important and the invention of PB nerve gas protectant.

7. The Al chemtrail method. Cloud seeding the JP-8 deicer methods to correct global warming heat retention. Pull acids from air to offset jet corrosion.

8. The Ti chemtrail method. Metal pharmacy methods to counter the fluoride effects on animals to reduce the "Black Plague" type vectors. 9. The 3/4 percent Ti DU method to offset DU immune problems. 10. The Ba chemtrail method. This to modify the potential gradient and change storm energy gathering process. Also, one way to tap the MHD current.

11. The Ba-Ti-Fe method using supermagnet ferrite materials to make distributed microwave circulator type system to tap line of sight microwave systems.

12. EDTA used to compensate for aluminum deodorants and breast cancer.

13. Ti into soaps and things to shield the UV-b to a degree.

14. Ti as a colorant in foods. This controls the levels of immune damage and the rates of HIV and even cancers.

15. The Star Wars Excalibur system, related to Tunguska effect---and a way to get free power from the sun via MHD methods.

16. The HAARP system to hold down earthquake magnitudes and ward off volcanic detonations. 17. The system called "Dark Star"----which includes the method of burning Freon to vector the Holy Ghost chemical effects using technique like a smoke ring cannon. It is a silent running airborne version of the car Freon method to do mind control type things. It is the first in a series of non-lethal or lethal weapons system run by satellite link. Predecessor for the "Predator" series being developed at Area 51. Stealth systems.

18. All the symbolism's for the Bible explained---and the wrongs of the old testament and the better ways of the new testament. Red Sea tidal resonance effects and Nile erosion--tidal water column resonance in the Gulf of Aqaba. Moses and the volcano mining secrets and pharmacy. The Manna secret. What Jesus had to endure the persecution over stupid Neanderthal religion values. Same persecution that threatened to kill Galileo.

19. The "Co-emission" technique for health modification of industrial pollutants. The techniques of "Air Pharmacology" and "Global Systems Science" Example is TSCA use of cyanide compounds to offset toxic metals retention and the fluoride-metal cancer vector.

20. The Excalibur metallurgical secrets of "Bog Iron" refinement using bacteria. This bacteria method made the pure iron or steel used to make the King Arthur sword called Excalibur from the bogs around Glastonbury, UK. The legend of the Isle of Avalon and its link to the Ark of the Covenant was explained by Phelps at ORNL. Similar bacteria is used to remediate DOE uranium contamination and to extract silver from ores. This was the beginning of the nano-sciences using bacteria.

21. Jim Phelps is the founder of nano-sciences and global systems sciences that use these techniques to modify health and environment.

22. Phelps explained the icon symbolism of the Ankh as one of the first crosses and was about the effect of copper on reproduction. It stood for eternal life and reproductively. The triangle symbol of the pyramid did also. Today, the copper effect discovered by the Egyptians is used in copper IUD's and birth control pills.

And, The USRADS system, The advanced RADIAC system, Electronics for the PEARLS system. And the list goes on and on.

The Magnum Opus Project---It dares to go the greater good---Its knowledge will set you free.