One More Thing---Always one more thing:




If you take a $1 and scale it for the Capitol, an interesting thing occurs.  The Face of George Washington fits right over the Capitol Hill Area.  The Capitol Building is exactly the same length as to of the “omega” symbol surrounding Washington’s face.  The bottom of the omega symbol fits perfectly with the two rotaries.  But most important, Washington’s Right Eye fits exactly over the fountain.  In other words, the Eye of the Pyramid, is the Eye of Washington, is the Fountain—further enhancing the significance of the Fountain as a marker.


Please understand, and in this order, you have the Bird (eagle/Dove) then the Eye period—the Fountain at the top of the mall.  Then you have above it, the Breast of the woman (Capitol Hill Dome) which has a woman’s statue atop (Freedom/Liberty/Persephone—I have heard them all) and above that—the Star. (David/Solomon seal)  A new Age will Dawn.


The upper levels of Freemasonry knew, without satellites or advanced telescopes when

a major celestial series of events would occur. (the Grand Conjunction of 2007) and the order of their occurrences.  If you think, Oh—this is nothing—think again.  Why would Washington and those who came after design an entire city dedicated to this symbolism with specific measurements for time.  Because, it is that important!!!!(and it isn’t the only city)


You can think what you like of the Freemasons.  You can theorize on the endgame.

But you can not deny the knowledge.  The Mayans do not have the market cornered.

2007/2008---not 2012.


Washington, in a Masonic Ceremony, laid the cornerstone for the Capitol.  Its location has been lost.  It could have been destroyed in the War of 1812, or overlooked between subsequent rebuilding and re-modeling.  I think it is under the fountain.